Roles in Simpplr

This document explains what different levels of user within Simpplr can do. For a quick explanation of Simpplr's different roles and privileges, check out this video:

Role Summaries

Roles and Permissions

Privileges (these are responsibilities users can be assigned outside of normal roles)


All roles can be configured directly within Simpplr, except for System admin, which must be configured in Salesforce. For more information on configuring roles, contact your IC or CSM.


Role Summaries

Intranet Managers: Note, this is NOT a system role. This is a suggested role decided at the time of your org's implementation. The Intranet Managers are responsible for day-to-day management and success of your Simpplr platform. This user may also be a System administrator or Application manager, but does not have to be.

System administrators: System admins are responsible for most setup on the Salesforce backend of Simpplr. Since Simpplr is powered by Salesforce, there are certain actions that must be completed before any other users can access Simpplr features. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Setting up SSO
  • Provisioning and syncing users
  • Enabling integrations
  • Adding App managers and other System admins as necessary

Configured within Salesforce

Application managers: Application managers control Simpplr settings across the board. They manage app-wide configurations, home dashboards, user permissions and special features in Simpplr like newsletters, social campaigns, analytics and more. 

Configured within Simpplr by other App managers and System admins

Site owners/managers: These users are responsible for maintaining sites throughout Simpplr. Depending on your org’s settings, you may have the ability to create sites. Once appointed a Site owner or manager, you can control all content on your site, configure your site dashboard and more. Site owners can enable and manage site integrations and files, while managers cannot. Other than that, the roles are virtually the same. 

Configured within Simpplr at the site level by App managers and other Site owners/managers

Site Content managers (or just Content managers): Content managers can create, edit and publish content. They can also approve content submissions from site members or End users.

Configured within Simpplr at the site level by Site owners/managers

End users: Most of your organization will fall into this user type. End users are the primary consumers of content published across Simpplr. They can create content and submit it for approval to Content managers and Site managers.

Not a configured role. By default, anyone who is not one of the roles listed above is an End user.



System admin

App manager

Site owner

Site manager

Site Content manager

End user

Search for people, sites, content and files

View, like, favorite, share, and download files

Post and reply on Feed*


Delete site Feed posts (if user is Site owner/manager)




Delete home dashboard Feed posts






Edit others' Feed posts (everyone can edit their own Feed posts)






Share posts and content in Feed*


View, like, and favorite content


Add, edit, and publish content (End users must submit content for approval)



Promote content to the site carousel



Validate content via auto-governance engine



Send notifications for content



Make content must read






Curate and promote content from all sites 






Unpublish content



Approve content submissions (if App manager enables)



Create sites






Connect site integrations, including file storage and messaging






Manage site settings,  membership, and analytics




Set site access level (public, private or unlisted). Note, App managers must request membership to private sites first before being able to manage them.




Add/remove Site managers




Move content to another site managed by the same user




Upload native Simpplr site files (depends on Manage application > Governance > File upload permissions settings)






Manage site dashboard (if Site control is set to Site owner/manager in Manage application > Governance)






View site and page analytics



Add site categories




Create and manage newsletters, alerts and social campaigns






View app wide analytics





Control Home layout, carousel and tiles for all users (if Home is set to App manager controlled)






Manage and access all segments






Create and manage subscriptions






Create audiences






Manage branding






Upload new versions of files they don't own and delete other people's files






Remove files (click link for difference b/t removing and deleting files)


√ (if this user uploaded it)

√ (if this user uploaded it)

Delete files (click link for difference b/t removing and deleting files)


√ (if this user uploaded it)

√ (if this user uploaded it)

√ (if this user uploaded it)

√ (if this user uploaded it) 

√ (if this user uploaded it)

Upload profile photos for other people and change their time zones in Simpplr (Note: This user must have both System admin and App manager permissions)






View all Salesforce reports







* = If Feed is enabled

√* = Contingent on Privileges setup (controlled by App manager)



As well as the above roles within Simpplr, users can be granted the following privileges. They work in unison with the user’s role. For example, one user may be a Site manager with Social campaigns control, but another user could be a Standard user with Newsletter control.

Unlisted Site administrator

  • View and manage unlisted sites

Home manager

  • Manage carousel
  • Control Home layout and tiles for all users (If Home is set to App manager controlled)

Segment manager

  • Branding for their own segment
  • Set Home defaults for their own segment
  • Manage Home for their own segment
  • Featured sites for their own segment
  • Create, edit, and delete subscriptions for their own segment

Recognition manager



  • View all analytics



Social Campaigns


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  • Is there a way for app managers or admins to "view as?" Site owners and managers sometimes ask questions about how to do something and it would be helpful if I had the ability as an app manager to view a site as a site owner, site manager, content manager, etc. to see exactly what they can/cannot do. Does this feature exist?

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  • Hey Jeanine. While this isn't a direct feature in the Simpplr platform, System admins who control the Salesforce backend of your intranet can go into Salesforce and log in as any active user. If you have System admin permissions in addition to your App manager permissions, you can do this. Here is a link to the instructions.

    Once you're logged in as the user, you'll be taken to their Salesforce home page. To get to Simpplr, click the "Simpplr" tab from their home page.

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