Roles in Simpplr

This document explains what different levels of user within Simpplr can do. For a quick explanation of Simpplr's different roles and privileges, see this video:

System Admin

  • Manages underlying security and user management features (like SSO or IP address restrictions)
  • Delete anyone's files
  • Upload new version of files you do not own
  • Transfer site ownership to another user
  • Access private sites they are not a member of
  • Can add app managers & unlisted site managers  (if system admin is also app manager)
  • Set up integrations

App Manager

  • Manage app wide configuration settings under "Manage" > "Manage Application"
  • Access and manage all public sites
  • Control home layout & tiles for all users (If home is set to app manager controlled)
  • Set Home Defaults (If Home is set to User Controlled)
  • Manage the carousel for all users
  • Manage segments
  • Access all Segments through the segment bar
  • Create and manage subscriptions
  • Create and manage social campaigns
  • Manage branding
  • Create and manage newsletters for all organization and site members
  • Create and manage alerts
  • Create audience
  • Make "must read"
  • View all analytics

Site Owner

  • Connect Site to file storage integrations
  • Transfer site ownership

Site Managers

  • Manage Site settings
  • Set site access level (public, private or unlisted)
  • Manage membership
  • Approve membership requests (for private and unlisted sites)
  • Add/remove site managers
  • Create/edit content
  • Move content to another site managed by the same user
  • Manage content
  • Approve content submission
  • View site analytics
  • Upload and manage site files (depends on Manage Application > Governance > "File Upload Permission" settings)
  • Manage site dashboard (if "site control" is set to "Site managers/owners in Manage Application > Governance)

Content Manager

  • Create content
  • Edit content
  • Approve content
  • Publish content

Standard User

  • View content
  • Like
  • Favorite
  • Post and reply on feed (if feed is enabled)
  • Share posts and content in feed (if feed is enabled)
  • Content creation (if allowed)
  • Create sites (if allowed)
  • View files
  • Like, favorite, share, and download files
  • Search for people, sites, content and files


As well as the above roles within Simpplr, users can be granted the following privileges. They work in unison with the user’s role, for example one User may be a site manager with social campaigns control, but another user could be a standard user with newsletter control.

Unlisted Site Administrator

  • View and manage Unlisted Sites

Home Manager

  • Manage Carousel
  • Control Home Layout & Tiles for all Users (If Home is set to App Manager controlled)

Segment Manager

  • Branding for their own segment
  • Set home defaults for their own segment
  • Manage home for their own segment
  • Featured sites for their own segment
  • Create, edit, and delete subscriptions for their own segment


  • Create and manage alerts


  • View all analytics


  • Their blog posts will be given more prominence


  • Create and manage newsletters

Social Campaigns

  • Create and manage social campaigns
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