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The content feedback link, 'Send feedback' discussed in this article is separate from the Help & feedback link at the bottom of your home dashboard. That link is meant for product or functionality feedback, and gets sent to a designated email address assigned by your App manager. For more information on the Help & feedback link, check out this article

By default, all users will have the option to submit their feedback on any given piece of content they have access to within Simpplr. This is found at the bottom of the content and looks like this:
content feedback 1.png


Once clicked, users will see this modal.
content feedback 2.png

Generally, this is meant for users to tell the content author about any mistakes (e.g., spelling errors, inaccuracies, etc.) within the content. The feedback will be sent to the author and all site admin users via email. This will not be displayed for other users to see, and is different than leaving comments on the content. The author will have the choice whether or not to allow comments, but cannot turn off the Send feedback option. 

In addition to the App manager being able to turn on or off this notification in Manage > Application > Defaults, each user can manage their notification settings for receiving feedback in Profile & settings > Edit profile & settings > Notifications > Email > Content. Switching this option off will stop you from receiving the emails that get sent once feedback is submitted.
content feedback setting.gif

So if the content author turns off this notification, they will not receive feedback, even if it has been sent. The other site admins (owner/manager/Content managers) will receive the feedback email notification if they have this setting switched on in their profiles.

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