Tiles are what make up the display of your home and site dashboards on your Simpplr intranet. There are different types of tiles you can add to personalize your dashboards across sites.

Click on the + icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Dashboard to bring up a list of the tiles that you can add to your Site Dashboard. Tiles are split into five categories - Content, Sites, Organization, Rich text & links and External. You can change the title of all the tiles. 


Content tiles

When adding Content tiles you can choose between a Latest & Popular tile and a Custom tile.


Latest & Popular Content Tile

  • Selecting a Latest & Popular tile will create a tile with two tabs, one for Latest, which will display the most recently added content, and one for Popular, which will display the most popular content, either from sites you follow or are a member of, or a particular site of your choice.
  • You can choose whether your tile should include All types of content or solely Pages, Events, Albums.
  • If you select an All Content tile or a Pages tile you can choose whether the tile will display as a Standard tile, which will list the items with a small thumbnail of the Cover Image, or as a Showcase tile, which will display a large preview of the top item, with a list of other items below.

Pages from category Content tile

  • As of the Ida release, Simpplr offers a Pages from category Content tile on the home dashboard that allows you to include all content from a certain site tagged with a particular category. 
  • This means you can showcase all content from the Human Resources site with the page category "Benefits" if you wish.


Custom Content Tile 

  • In the Custom content tab, you can create a tile showing selected content.
  • You can choose whether the tile will display as a standard tile, which will list the items with a small thumbnail of the Cover Image, or as a showcase tile, which will display a large preview of the top item, with a list of other items below.


Site tiles


Site managers should only use Site information and Site about tiles once on a site. If they add multiple Information or About tiles, the text in the tiles will just repeat itself. Site managers can use Rich text tiles if multiple text tiles on the Site dashboard are needed.

Site Information

  • You can use this tile for announcements, reminders, or other important information that you want to display on the Site dashboard. You can enter up to 4000 characters. This tile supports Rich Text.

Site About

  • Create a tile that displays the description of the Site that you entered in the Details > Site about field. You can enter up to 1000 characters.

Page Categories

  • Displays Page categories and the number of pages within the category. You can click on the category name to access the pages within the category.


Organizational tiles

Sites & Categories

  • In the Sites tab, you can create a tile showing selected Sites.  
  • In the Site Categories tab, you can create a tile showing Site Categories. You can select how many items you want to be displayed from the dropdown menu.


  • In the New Hires tab, you can create a tile showing the most recent Hires in your organization. 
  • In the Site members tab, site members of your site will be shown
  • In the Site managers tab, individuals managing site will be shown
  • The custom tile you can select users you want to be displayed


  • Choose between adding a tile showing selected Intranet Files or Google Drive Files. You can also add any other external storage option enabled.


Rich text & links tiles

Text, HTML & Links

  • Choose between typing and formatting text in the Rich Text tab, or entering any HTML code that you want to be displayed into the HTML tab. You can add up to 20,000 characters in either tab. You can also create a tile to display useful links.

Toggle on/off HTML tiles 

As of the Ida release (6/22), Application managers now have the option to activate or deactivate the HTML tile for home and site dashboard. To do so, go to Manage application > Governance. Scroll down until you see HTML tile and select Enable or Disable as needed.

Image & Video

  • Choose between creating a tile that displays an image or a video. Once you have chosen the image or video to display you can choose whether to display a link, title and description.

Countdown Clock

  • Create a tile displaying a clock counting down to the date/time you specify.


External tiles

Social campaigns

  • Latest & Popular

    • The latest campaigns and the ones have been shared the most. (If there are five campaigns with ten shares, and two campaigns with eight shares, the five campaigns with more shares will be in the Latest and Popular tile).
  • Custom
    • This option allows you to search for a particular campaign and add it to the site dashboard. 

Social Media

  • Create a tile displaying the latest Facebook posts from a selected page or group (by entering the www.facebook.com/ URL).
  • Create a tile displaying a Twitter feed. For instructions on embedding a Twitter feed to the tile, click here


  • Create a tile displaying an RSS Feed such as your company’s blog, latest industry news or podcasts from external websites.


Delete/Edit tile

You can edit or delete a tile by hovering your mouse over the upper right-hand corner of the tile to make the drop-down arrow appear. Click on the drop-down arrow, then click “Edit” to edit the tile, or “Remove” to remove the tile.

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