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Mobile browsers vs. mobile apps

Deep links in mobile browsers



This document aims to clarify the key differences and unique features of our mobile browser and mobile app, focusing on deep linking capabilities and their operation on our mobile devices.

We will delve into the distinct functionalities and use cases of engaging with Simpplr on a mobile browser versus a mobile app, followed by an in-depth look at deep linking within our platform.

Mobile browsers vs. mobile app

Overview of mobile browsers

  • Definition: Responsive or mobile websites are designed for optimal viewing across various devices and screen sizes. They are accessible through mobile browsers and automatically adjust their layout and content.
  • Common use cases: These are best suited for quick information access and casual browsing, offering a flexible user experience across different devices.

Overview of the Simpplr mobile app

  • Definition: Mobile apps are applications developed for specific mobile operating systems like Android or iOS. They are downloadable from app stores and offer a more integrated user experience.
  • Unique features: Our mobile app boasts an enhanced user experience (UX), an engaging interface, support for push notifications, and other native functionalities.

Comparative analysis

  • Common functionalities: Both platforms support essential use cases such as content access, employee and user details search, and feed access.
  • Differences: Unlike our main desktop website, the mobile app and mobile browser do not support managerial functions like app management, full content creation, analytics, and other specialized features for managers.

Deep links in mobile browsers

What are deep links?

  • Definition: Deep links are URLs that lead users directly to specific content within a mobile app when opened on a mobile device with the app installed.

How deep links work

  • Implementation in Simpplr: Deep link support on Simpplr is available in major external sharing features like automated emails, newsletters, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams integrations. However, URLs copied from the main URL bar in a mobile browser do not automatically support deep linking.


In summary, both our mobile app and mobile browser primarily support key use cases. To enhance user experience, deep linking is supported in select areas such as automatic emails from Simpplr, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams integrations.

Note: Users may notice design/UI differences between web, mobile app, and mobile browser screens due to certain limitations. For more information on the differences between the desktop and mobile apps, check out this article.

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