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Because of Twitter's recent branding change to X, their APIs have changed. Simpplr has enabled a new feature flag for connection to X. If you or anyone at your company has connected their X account to Simpplr, they will need to reconnect in Profile & settings > Edit profile & settings > External apps, or via the social campaign sharing screen. 

What is a social campaign? 

Social campaigns allow your organization to promote itself through your employees' social media accounts. A campaign normally consists of an article from a reputable source highlighting something about your org that you'd like shared with the general public.

Enable & create social campaigns

App managers must first enable social campaigns and which networks they want to allow by going to Manage > Application > Integrations > Social campaigns. Here, they can allow sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.AWS_social_campaigns.gif

App managers, or any user given access to social campaigns, can create them. To create a social campaign:

  1. Go to your user profile image and click Social campaigns. From the social campaign menu, click Add campaign.social_campaign_menu.png
  2. Select an audience. Social campaigns can be made for everyone in the organization or for a specified audience. An audience is a subset of the employees based on any combination of their segment, company, department, division, city, state, country, and custom people category. Only the selected audience will be able to:
    • View and share a social campaign 
    • Receive notification of the social campaign
    • See the social campaign in the social campaigns tile, carousel and social campaigns listing page
  • Select which social networks to include (by default they're all selected).mceclip2.png
  • Next, enter your campaign message. This is the message that will be shared on the user’s social network. Users always have the option to change this once shared as well.campaign_message.png
  • Add the campaign link. You can create social campaigns with or without URL for LinkedIn and Twitter. But, it's mandatory to have a URL for creating Facebook social campaigns. Note, URLs are limited to 255 characters. If your URL is longer than 255 characters, we recommend using a URL shortener like
    • Note, the image displayed for the campaign is going to be controlled by the 3rd party link host you're using (e.g., NY Times, as shown below). You may or may not have access to control and change this image, but it is not controlled by Simpplr, and you cannot update it from within Simpplr. Similar to other social media platforms, Simpplr is looking for an image with the tag og:image to pull in as the main image. this is called the Open Graph Protocol.
    • campaign_link.png

Add your Company's Social Campaign Policy

As mentioned in the video above, App managers are able to add your company's social campaign policy (if applicable) in Manage > Application > Setup > General. Scroll down to the bottom to add the url where your policy lives. This will appear as a link every time users go to share campaigns.social_campaign_policy.gif

Share a Campaign

When a campaign is created, each user in your audience will receive a notification stating “A new Campaign is ready to share on your Social Networks”. Clicking on this will take the user to the Social campaigns page with the Share modal already open for the new campaign.


By default all of the social networks a user is connected to are selected. The user can deselect any of them. If the user is not connected, they will receive a prompt to connect and can go through the connection process. At least one social network must be selected before the campaign can be shared externally.


The Share message can be edited by employees prior to sharing externally, but to save them time and encourage usage, we have made it easy for them to copy and paste the pre-approved message. 

It’s necessary for us to allow employees to edit their own message so that they retain control over the content being shared to their social media platforms. For more information please see Facebook’s Platform Policy.

The share URL cannot be edited as this could lead to employees sharing the wrong content. 

Employees can only share each campaign once. 

You will receive a notification each week to confirm how many shares have been made of the active Campaigns. 

  • If a Campaign is made expired, the data will be captured for one week following the final share of the campaign. 
  • If there are no active campaigns a notification will not be sent

Campaigns can be shared in the Carousel, the Feed and in the Campaigns tile.


Expire or delete a campaign

As the App manager, you can expire a campaign or delete it by going to the Social campaigns page (Manage > Social campaigns) and hovering over the campaign in question until the ellipsis (...) appears. Choose to expire it or delete it from here.

By expiring the campaign, you're making it no longer shareable within your org. Once expired, the campaign can no longer be made active. The analytics on the campaign are retained. 

Deleting the campaign completely removes it, along with its analytics, from your intranet.


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  • What metrics are available under the analytics for social campaigns?

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  • Hi Emily! The Social Campaign analytics are in the main platform Analytics menu. This video gives you a better idea of what you can see. 

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  • Is there a reason why the social campaigns cannot be shared within employee newsletters? 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Muneeb. This enhancement is actually on our roadmap for an upcoming release. The team should be announcing it soon, so please keep an eye out.

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  • Hello, 

    Is there a way to turn off in app notifications about new social campaigns being available?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Katrina. As of now, no, there is no way to control notifications regarding social campaigns. However, there is a product enhancement request opened with our team to address this in a future release.

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  • Is it possible to see who has shared the campaigns, or just the number of shares on each platform?

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  • Hey Riley. You can actually see who shared a social campaign (if you have the right permissions) by headed to the main Social campaigns menu, then hovering over the campaign in question. The ellipsis will have an Analytics option that will show you the people who have shared it.

    These metrics are in addition to the main Social campaign analytics in the Analytics > Social interaction menu. 

    Hope this helps!

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