How to upgrade your Simpplr environment to the latest release

Once a release is live, Simpplr will always post Release Notes highlighting the release features, as well as schedule a webinar to go over the new features. We recommend our customers upgrade to our latest release as soon as possible. Being on Simpplr’s latest release ensures you have the latest functionality and most recent bug fixes. Your environment will also receive the most current patch releases (these are automatically applied to your environment without any down time).

Sandbox Upgrade (optional)

The first step is to determine whether you want your sandbox upgraded with the release to allow you to first test out new functionality. To upgrade your sandbox, send a request to Simpplr support ( and provide Salesforce support access via a System administrator’s account. You may also request that your sandbox be refreshed at the time of the upgrade so the current content from your production environment is present on your sandbox.


Putting a release on a sandbox environment is not required for you to upgrade your production environment. Nothing from your sandbox is ever moved to your production environment.

Production Upgrade

When ready to upgrade your production environment with the release, send a request to Simpplr's Support team 1-to-2 weeks in advance of the upgrade date you want. Simpplr schedules upgrades on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once scheduled, Simpplr support will send out a calendar request noting the time of your upgrade. Unless specified, there is nothing you need to do to prepare your environment for the upgrade beyond providing support access via a System administrators account beforehand. If this access is not provided, the upgraded will be delayed. Upgrade downtimes are specific to your organization. Support will provide an estimated window of completion time when scheduling your upgrade. During that time your intranet will be inaccessible.

Upgrade Communications

Before the production upgrade, you’ll want to prepare any needed communications to Site managers and/or End users to prepare them for any changes in the release you feel they should be aware of.

Post-upgrade there also will be a role-specific message displayed to users providing them a high-level overview of new functionality that applies to them. Though Simpplr provides this, we always recommend our customers create their own dedicated communications to ensure people can be best prepared to make the most out of any new functionality that will affect them.

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