How to upgrade your Simpplr environment to the latest release


Simpplr rolls out major releases quarterly.

Once a release is live, Simpplr will always post Release Notes highlighting the release features, as well as schedule a webinar to go over the new features. We recommend our customers upgrade to our latest release as soon as possible. Being on Simpplr’s latest release ensures you have the latest functionality and most recent bug fixes. Your environment will also receive the most current patch releases (these are automatically applied to your environment).

Simpplr only supports the latest two versions of the platform. While Support will always try to help, if a user is not up to date and runs into an issue that has to be escalated, there's not much that can be done without first upgrading them. This can add a substantial delay to getting issues resolved.

Sandbox Upgrade (optional)

The first step is to determine whether you want your sandbox upgraded with the release to allow you to first test out new functionality. To upgrade your sandbox, please use the form at the bottom of this page. You will be asked for your sandbox's org ID. Note, this is different from your Production org ID. Please ensure you're providing the sandbox org ID when filling out the form. For instructions on locating your org's ID, click here. If you have any questions before the upgrade submit a request to Simpplr Support and provide Salesforce Support access via a System administrator’s account. 

It's also worth noting that if you'd like to refresh your sandbox org, you must refresh it prior to the upgrade. This is because a refresh takes a snapshot of your production environment. If you upgrade your sandbox, and then refresh it, your sandbox version will mirror your production environment. If your production environment is not upgraded, your sandbox version will revert to mirror your production environment.


Putting a release on a sandbox environment is not required for you to upgrade your production environment. Nothing from your sandbox is ever moved to your production environment.

Production Upgrade

When ready to upgrade your production environment with the release, use the Calendly form below to schedule your upgrade to Simpplr's latest release. Unless specified, there is nothing you need to do to prepare your environment for the upgrade beyond providing support access via a System administrator's account beforehand. If this access is not provided, the upgrade will need to be rescheduled.You will be asked for your Production org ID. Note, this is different from your sandbox org ID. If you requested a sandbox org upgrade, you should've provided the org ID unique to your sandbox. Please ensure you're providing the Production org ID when filling out the form. For instructions on locating your org's ID, click here

Upgrade Expectations


With major version upgrades, downtime is expected. Simpplr will provide an estimated duration of that downtime based on the scope/complexity of your intranet. The system may come back online during the upgrade process, however, users could experience performance issues until the upgrade process is complete. 

Upgrade downtimes are specific to your organization, but generally do not exceed the estimated time window. Note that the system may come back online during the upgrade process, but if you try and use it during that time, you may encounter performance issues. 

During an upgrade, it's normal for System admins to receive error messages from Salesforce in their email. These emails can be ignored, as Simpplr Engineering will be proactively resolving any issues that arise. Estimated resolution times are included with the estimated downtime window. If we're unable to install a specific package, your environment will simply remain on the previous release of Simpplr. In an event like that, our Engineering team may need additional time to troubleshoot the issue, so we'd complete the rest of the upgrade during the next available window after coordinating with your team.

When you schedule your upgrade, you are not scheduling a meeting with Simpplr, and you will not receive communications from Simpplr until your upgrade is finished or unless we encounter an issue that will extend the upgrade period.

Please do not go into your intranet during the upgrade window. 

Upgrade Communications

Before the production upgrade, you’ll want to prepare any needed communications to Site managers and/or End users to prepare them for any changes in the release you feel they should be aware of.

Post-upgrade there also will be a role-specific message displayed to users providing them a high-level overview of new functionality that applies to them. Though Simpplr provides this, we always recommend our customers create their own dedicated communications to ensure people can be best prepared to make the most out of any new functionality that will affect them.

Leading up to the upgrade, you may want to create an Alert to notify your End users of expected downtime and the system upgrade. 


Ensure your System Administrator profile in Salesforce has the following Admin System Permissions assigned at the Profile level:

    • Modify All Data 
    • Manage Unlisted Groups
    • API Enabled
    • Moderate Chatter
    • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions 
    • Manage Flow
    • Customize Application
    • Manage Custom Permissions

Simpplr Upgrade Request Form

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  • Hi Aileen, while there's too much upgrade modal text - with too many different variations based on user roles - to include in the release notes, I can include some language on what the upgrade modal is and what different roles can expect. Would that be helpful?

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