How do I set up a vanity URL?

Note you must enable enhanced domain on your Salesforce environment before setting up a vanity URL.

A vanity URL is a virtual address that can include your company subdomain (e.g.

Once you've chosen a vanity URL, you'll need to create an CNAME record in DNS and point to the URL:

When this is done, please reach out to Simpplr's Customer Support team. Send us a screenshot of the CNAME record setup so our team can verify it. The Support team will also need:

  1. Your existing Simpplr URL

  2. Your Salesforce URL

  3. The name of your wanted vanity URL

  4. Whether or not you would like to set up a redirect between your existing Simpplr URL and the vanity URL

We'll set up the redirect from the vanity URL to Simpplr's URL.



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