How do I reset my Simpplr password?


The following information is applicable to users who are not using an SSO for their Simpplr login. Typically password resets will be handled by your SSO.

Because Simpplr is built on the Salesforce platform, resetting your Simpplr password is the same as resetting your Salesforce password. Only Application managers and System administrators have the ability to begin this process for users. If you don't have these permissions, you'll need to get in touch with your Intranet Management team to help you. 

As the System admin or App manager:

  1. Go to the Salesforce instance your Simpplr intranet is built on. To get there, remove everything after .com in your Simpplr url and hit Enter.
  2. Go to Setup, then in the Quick Find box, type Users.
  3. Locate the user who needs their password reset and choose their name. 
  4. Select Reset Password. The user will receive an email from Salesforce prompting them to reset their password. From there, Salesforce will handle the reset process.
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