App Management: Home dashboard layout

Dashboard layout

App managers are able to design and set the home layout for all intranet users, or they can allow users to control their home dashboards on the individual level. 

To decide who has permissions to control home dashboards (App/segment manager or End user):

  1. Go to your user profile image and select Manage >Application > Setup > Governance. Scroll down to Home control and toggle App/segment manager or User. Here you can also click Configure home layout to begin default configuration for all users.


    If the home control is set to User, configuring this default layout will only affect new users logging in to Simpplr for the first time. After that, they'll have control over their own layout. 



To set up a home dashboard layout, you can begin from the menu above, or click Home on the top navigation. Then click on the gear icon at the bottom right-hand corner. 



You have 18 dashboard layouts to choose from. You can then select whether to include the Feed on the dashboard or not. Your available options will change depending on your choice.mceclip1.png


The Home feed displays all feed posts from sites, people, and topics the user is following.



Click the + icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard to bring up a list of the tiles you can add to your Home dashboard. Tiles are split into four categories - Content, Organization, Rich text & Links and External. You can change the title of all tiles. Check out our article on Tiles for all tiles-related information.



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