App Management: How do I assign someone to be an influencer?

Assigning influencers must be done by an App manager.

An influencer is a user who's posts are given more prominence in the Feed and latest/popular tiles. Often companies will assign C-level executives as influencers. When leaders post, it's something users will want to make sure they see, and giving those posts prominence will help ensure as many users see them as possible.

Another use case may be your team's Comms Managers as influencers. If there's a weekly announcement, page or blog post written by your company's Comms professional, it's more likely that all users will want to see it, so it should take precedence. 

To assign influencers:

  1. Click on your avatar at the upper right hand corner and go to Manage > Application > Setup > Privileges. Then scroll down until you see Influencers.
  2. Type in the name of the person you wish to assign as influencer. When you start to type, you'll see a list of people to choose from. Select the name(s) and click Save.assign_influencers_2.gif

This person's posts will now be given more prominence in the Feed and latest/popular tiles.


App managers can also restrict the ability to create blog posts to just influencers by navigating to Manage > Application > Setup > General, then scrolling down to Blog posts and selecting Only influencers can create blog posts.



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