Best Practices: System Hygiene and Account Cleanup

As you continue on your Simpplr journey, it's important to remember that intranets can easily get cluttered with non-applicable, outdated information. While the platform is designed in a way to prevent this, there are always steps you can and should take to ensure your intranet is staying as fresh and simple as possible. 

We've assembled some best practices below that you and your Intranet Management team can put into place.

Manage topics

Keep Search clean and functional by being specific with your topics. General practice is not to exceed adding six topics to any one piece of content. While App managers can always go in and manage topics to keep them from getting overcrowded, this job can be made easier by spreading awareness to your users to limit their topic additions.

The reason we recommend this is because eventually, if you have 100+ topics throughout your intranet, your Simpplr Search can get muddy and not work as efficiently due to searching too many topics for similar content. 

If you’d like to do a topic clean up, use the Manage > Topics menu (as the System admin with Salesforce access) or use the Salesforce data loader tool.

Privatize sites as needed

Make sites private if you’d like to keep particular information only visible to certain users. You can also create unlisted sites. This means that your site, nor any of its information will be searchable. Only those requested membership will have access to the site's information. 

Leverage the validation process

While we hope you're already using the auto-governance process, this is perhaps the best way to ensure your content throughout the intranet stays up to date and fresh over a long period.

If you're not utilizing the validation feature, we recommend combing through all content on the intranet twice a year to ensure content, documents, etc. are all still valid and applicable.  

Check in on stored files

It's best practice to be reviewing your files regularly, regardless of whether you use a file storage integration or you're just hosting files directly on Simpplr. Have the owner(s) of file folders across your org do regular check-ins of stored documents to ensure the most up-to-date information is still being shared. The auto-validation process isn't applicable to files, so it's best to establish monthly or quarterly reviews of all files on the intranet. 

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