Best Practice: Intranet Usage Guidelines

The goal of your employee experience platform should be to inform, engage, and inspire employees to perform the best work possible and to stay engaged and happy with their colleagues. 

Your intranet is a resource for all employees where they can stay in touch with company communications, collaborate across departments, and network across the global organization. 

As such, you may want to develop some internal guidelines for your intranet usage. We've pulled our own internal guidelines, shown below, so you can get an idea of a prompt to use for your own teams. Feel free to use this as a jumping off point, but share it in your org's voice!


<INTRANET NAME>, our modern intranet, is an online resource for all employees where they can stay in touch with company communications, collaborate, and network across the global organization. When interacting on <INTRANET NAME>, please adhere to the following terms:

  1. Be your professional self. This is a work resource and not a personal one so please interact accordingly. Your profile and avatar pictures must be of you and you only.
  2. Be nice. We are all colleagues here so please treat others with the respect you would wish to receive. Remember that text-based communications don’t convey humor or sarcasm well and as such can be misconstrued. We don’t talk about politics or religion at work.
  3. Be smart. In most cases what you share can be seen by everyone else at the company. You should only share information that you would feel comfortable discussing in a public forum within the organization.
  4. Respect others’ property and privacy. Don’t post, share, download, or use licensed or personal content, code, or information that is confidential, proprietary, or protected by permission. Double-check documents, images, and screenshots to ensure they don’t contain personal colleague or customer information.
  5. Use English please, with the exception of within the specifically noted Portuguese and Spanish speaking country Spaces. Also, we ask that native-English speakers write plainly without too many cultural references that are unique to a single region, area, or business unit.
  6. In addition to these terms of use you are, as in all other dealings at work, expected to follow the CompanyX Code of Conduct, the CompanyX Policy Manual, and the CompanyX Information Security Policy.

<INTRANET NAME>, will be monitored to ensure compliance to the terms of use above. If you see a violation of any of these terms please click the “Help & Feedback” link at the bottom of every <INTRANET NAME>, screen to report the violation. Any violator of these terms may have his/her content removed and his/her account temporarily disabled. Violation of any CompanyX policy may lead to disciplinary proceedings including termination and/or criminal and civil penalties. By entering this site you agree to these terms and policies.

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