New Hire Onboarding



HR and hiring managers can easily flag onboarding content across sites without having to organize them manually. They can create an easy-to-follow path for new hires to obtain information needed to successfully onboard.

Onboarding manager

App managers can grant Onboarding privilege to a list of users who can then flag/unflag content for onboarding, at both organization level and site level. These users are called Onboarding Managers.

To assign a new Onboarding Manager:

  1. Go to Manage > Application > Privileges.
  2. Scroll down to Onboarding. Under Users, add the people you want to give Manager permissions to. These users will be able to flag/unflag onboarding content.


App managers can also specify which sites are enabled for site admins to flag/unflag content as onboarding at the site level. All content flagged for onboarding is at the site level. Permission to add Onboarding content from Featured sites is always granted by default.


Flagging and managing onboarding content

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Site content managers, Site managers, and owners of an onboarding-enabled site can flag/unflag any of that site's content for onboarding. 


Onboarding managers who have viewing access to a site can flag any content from that site for onboarding. If the site is public, the content can be flagged as organization-level onboarding content.

Onboarding managers can also switch any organization-level onboarding content to site-level. Or, they can promote site-level onboarding content to organization-level, if the site is public.

Onboarding history 

A user who has permission to view moderation history for a piece of content can view its onboarding history, as well as who flagged it for onboarding, by going to the Onboarding history tab.



Onboarding path

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  1. New hires will receive a welcome email from Simpplr on their first day that will redirect them to the Simpplr home dashboard.
  2. On the home dashboard, new hires will be greeted with a welcome message. From there, they can kick-off the app tutorial tour (Quick-start tour).
  3. An Onboarding content screen is seen at the end of the Quick-start tour. This screen will be visible only if a user hasn’t seen it before AND the user is a new hire.


From the onboarding content screen, you can:

  • View a reading list of all onboarding content, including two types:

    • Org-level: all org-level onboarding content, only from sites you can access.

    • Site-level: all site-level onboarding content from sites where you're a member of.

  • View the current status (read/unread) of each onboarding content in the list, and the status will automatically update each time you visit the list.

A piece of onboarding content will be considered read when the user opens it. Unlike must-reads, there is no manual acknowledgement required. 

Onboarding tile

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The Onboarding tile is a tile type that App managers and Site owners/managers can add to their home and site dashboards. 


To add an Onboarding tile to a site or home dashboard:

  1. Click the Edit dashboard icon, then Add tile.
  2. Click the top button, Add pages, events & albums tiles
  3. Choose the Onboarding tab and title your tile. We recommend going with something like "Onboarding Content" just to make it clear. The tile will show all existing content that's been flagged as Onboarding. You can choose to show the content in Standard or Showcase layout.

Best practice for Onboarding tiles is to add them to the home dashboard, as well as any site that contains onboarding content. This makes it easy for site members to view and access the content. 


Onboarding tiles are visible to all site members, regardless of hire date. 

Access onboarding content

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The default locations where new hires can find and access onboarding content are:

  1. User menu > Onboarding > Onboarding content screen
  2. Home dashboard feed
  3. Site dashboard feed
  4. Site content tab
  5. Onboarding tile in home and site dashboards (if enabled by App manager and Site owner/manager)



30-day onboarding period 

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A new hire will have 30 days, from the date of joining, to read through the onboarding content available. After 30 days, the new hire will be considered a graduate, and:

  • Will receive an in-app notification congratulating them on completing the onboarding period.
  • The congratulatory message will be also displayed in the onboarding content page and the tile in the home dashboard, along with the message: All onboarding content has been moved to your favorites
  • The Onboarding content section will be removed from both home and dashboard feeds.
  • The congratulatory message in the onboarding content page and home dashboard tile will be visible to the user for 30 days after the new hire window. Then the tile and Onboarding option will be auto-removed from their interface.


If the new hire has not completed all onboarding content within the first 30 days days, all the content goes into their Favorites list.

Onboarding digest email   

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New hires will receive a mandatory weekly digest email that includes all unread onboarding content, upcoming onboarding events, and must reads.



In order for this email to go out, the SchedulerBatchEmailDigest scheduler must be turned on and running.

End user Onboarding experience

The End user/new hire experience when viewing onboarding material is pretty straight forward. In the example below, the Onboarding manager has added an Onboarding tile to the home dashboard. Tammy, our new hire, will see all content that has been flagged as onboarding, both org-wide and site-specific based on site's she's a member of.

Tammy is also able to click into her user menu and choose Onboarding to see the same page. Here they can search for specific content or filter by site, date added or read and unread.

It's important to note that onboarding content is not must read content. New hires are not required to show that they've read the information presented. The onboarding content will stay visible to them until they hit the 30-day mark.

Toggle Onboarding on/off

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App managers can toggle on/off New Hire Onboarding in Manage App > Setup > Privileges > Onboarding. The feature is set to ON by default. If set to OFF, no one will be able to flag content for onboarding. 



How does onboarding content get sorted for new hires? 

Content is shown differently for new hires depending on their site membership. Org onboarding content is always shown at the top of the list, followed by specific-to-the-user site onboarding content. 

Can I flag content from private sites to be onboarding material?

Content from private sites cannot be added for users who are not made members of the site. Only new hires who are members of the private site will be shown its onboarding content if flagged. 

Can I flag content for onboarding that I do not own?

Not unless you are an App manager. You must be the site owner/author of the content in order to flag it for onboarding. If the App manager is not the owner of the content or the site owner, they can still flag content for onboarding. 

What's the difference between org and site onboarding content? 

Org onboarding content shows for all new hires, and takes priority on the list of content for users to review. Site onboarding content is specific to a user based on their site membership. Therefore, not all new hires will see the same onboarding content.

How does Simpplr determine who is a new hire?

New hire users are configured based on their user syncing field 'Hire date'. If a user has a hire date of within the last 30 days, they'll be marked as a new hire. If the user in question does not have this syncing field filled out, or your org has not synced users with the Hire date field, you can always add a custom field for the new hires. Otherwise, without this field filed out, the onboarding content will not show for your new hires. 

How can I ensure new hires are completing their onboarding content review?

Currently there is no way for App or Site managers to review new hire onboarding completion rates, as this is not a task-based feature. To ensure a specific piece of content is read by users, we recommend making it a must read

How long is onboarding content shown to new hires?

Onboarding content will remain on the list of content to review for 30 days after the hire date. After that, the content is removed from the new hire's list and added to heir Featured list.

Can I opt out of this feature if I choose not to use it?

Yes. As of the Ida Minor Release 1 patch, App managers can go into Manage > Application > Privileges and scroll down to Onboarding to allow users permission to flag content as onboarding or not. Disabling Onboarding ensures no one can flag content for new hires. It's also worth noting in this section you can allow onboarding content to be flagged from all sites or only certain sites that you choose. 

Is there a way to modify the Quick Start Tour text?

No. The Quick Start text shown to new hires cannot be modified.

Are there analytics available for Onboarding content?

Currently there is no way to view metrics for specific Onboarding content. However, we plan to roll this out in an upcoming release.


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  • Are we able to order the content? For now it displays in the order it was flagged which is not ideal for our company. Ideally, we'd like to be able to drag/drop the order in which it displays

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  • Hi Nashe! So with the Onboarding content, the order in which content appears will be different for every user, based on their site membership, syncing fields, segment, etc. So what one employee sees in the Onboarding menu isn't necessarily going to be what another employee sees, because they may have different parameters in the platform. Each user can sort their Onboarding content with the Sort by field at the top of their page. They can sort by Site, Date added, and Read/Unread.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Thanks for the explanation Matthew. I'm talking about the "org level" content. For example, I want to flag our staff handbook and have it be the first piece of content that appears in the list. If for example, I add something related to our cafeteria menu, I don't want that to be the first piece of content that appears just because it was flagged after... Is there a way to do this?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Nashe. Unfortunately this isn't a feature in the Onboarding menu. However, I've submitted a feature request to our Product team to look into this for a future release.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi, it's not clear to me from reading this whether this is an opt in type function or whether it will be pushed automatically with the IDA update. In other words, if we do not want to turn it on immediately, is that an option for App managers. Im looking for a step by step to kind of document that speaks to this but not seeing it. Is there additional documentation ....

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Angela. Thanks for reaching out! So while this feature is automatically added in Ida, there are ways you and your org can opt out of using it if you'd like. I added a FAQ section to the bottom of the article that I hope will clarify some things in regard to the feature. I'm also working on a Best Practices guide that will highlight some effective methods of using onboarding content.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Fantastic! Thanks, Matthew.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi, Matthew, I'm interested in seeing the actual Team Member experience (emails received, step by step on the process) as they experience it. Unfortunately, the screenshots are too small for me to read the email text etc. Are there any documents outlining this? Would my team have any input on language used etc? Are these canned? Thank you in advance.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Angela. Language used in onboarding content will be whatever language the content was published in. Of course, users will be able to translate to their chosen language on each As of now, we do not have any canned designs to show from an end user experience. However I will be publishing a new article to go along with this feature soon that will contain end user experience screenshots and details.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hello! I think our CSM answered this in the past but I can't seem to find the email so I'll ask again here.
    For site-level onboarding, does that also take into consideration the 30-day new hire window or does that go off when the user is added as a member of that particular site?

    Basically, if we make a new site and add onboarding content on the site level, if a user who has been with the company for more than 30 days is added a member, will they see that content on the site's onboarding dashboard tile or will it not display the tile since they are well past the 30 day window?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey Chris. If the employee is past their 30-day new hire window, they won't see any onboarding content, regardless of site creation date or when they were added to it. All onboarding content shown to users is based on their hire date.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Regarding the new hire day 1 email, how can we see a preview of what that looks like? Also, if the onboarding feature is disabled and/or there is no content flagged as onboarding, do new hires still receive a welcome email? Separately but along these same lines, if we were to enable onboarding but continue to add content to it, will a new hire see the new additions in their onboarding dashboard if they're already a new hire and part way through their first 30 days?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Katerina.
    1. As of now there is no way to see a preview of the onboarding email that users receive.
    2. If the feature is not switched on, new hires won't receive an onboarding welcome email.
    3. Yes, new hires will see all new content added to the list in their first 30 days. The display order is determined by the user's site membership and newest content created.

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  • What about Site Onboarding?

    I have run some tests and I don't see Site Onboarding content showing in the User profile for an existing employee who has been added to a site with onboarding content flagged. I see a tile if I put one on the site dashboard and I see it on the Content tab, but not in an Onboarding section under Profile. This test user also didn't receive any kind of notification of having site onboarding content to review... So what exactly does adding Site Onboarding do?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Is there any function where we as site owners/managers can mimic a new user/employee and preview what they will see in the Onboarding site? If no, is there any future plans for enhancements with a preview type of feature?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi LaShonte. Site owners/managers cannot log in as other users, only System admins and those with Salesforce admin access. 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • This video appears to glitch out and end halfway through (around minute 2). I know there's more to the video, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Matthew, 

    I'm not sure if you saw my comment 5 weeks ago but the video is still not working. Is there an estimate on when that will be fixed? 

    Also - has there been any update on the feature request you submitted in June 2022 to allow us to order content (the order in which flagged content appears for new hires)? 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey Francine. For the video, could you clear your browser cache and/or try watching the video directly in Loom? That always helps when videos freeze. 

    For the enhancement request, it looks like as of June 2023, it was moved into PM review, so should be close to the build stage. I'm not sure of exact release dates, but it has received the proper attention.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Matthew, I've tried clearing my cache and cookies multiple times, rebooting, and watching directly in Loom. It glitches out every time. You can see in the comments on your video that at least three other people are experiencing this, too, in the last couple of months (when I initially tried to watch this video). It doesn't seem to be fixed. 

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  • I'll take a look at the video and try to find out what's going on.

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