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Create and manage company values

App managers can go to Manage > Company values to add, edit, enable and disable values. Add values by clicking Add company value.
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Once added, Company values can be used in Recognition and the Writing assistant tool.

Why are company values important? 

Including company values in your org's content is just as important as in external communications. Internal content that reflects the company's values fosters a positive work environment, strengthens employee engagement, enhances teamwork, and aligns the workforce with the organization's mission.

They help cultivate organizational culture
For this example, we have a tech company using the Employee newsletter and Recognition to highlight employee achievements that align with the company's Innovation value. Recognizing teams or individuals who have contributed significantly to new product or workflow developments fosters a culture of continuous innovation and motivates employees to think creatively.

They boost employee engagement and morale
A healthcare organization can use Simpplr to share patient success stories that emphasize the company's values of Empathy and Patient-centered care. Hearing about the positive impact they make in patients' lives can boost the team's morale and reinforce the significance of their roles.

They can foster teamwork and collaboration
A company's internal blog posts could showcase cross-functional team projects that reflect the company's value of Collaboration. Describing how different departments worked together to solve a problem or launch a product reinforces the importance of teamwork among employees.

They guide decision making
Internal guidelines and policy documents can be framed around the company's values of Ethics and Integrity. For instance, protocols regarding data privacy and ethical research can be communicated in a way that reflects the organization's commitment to these values, guiding employees in their daily decision making.

They can empower leadership to take accountability
Companies can highlight their values when sharing stories of leadership exemplifying those values, such as a CEO taking responsibility for a setback. These stories reinforce the values of Accountability and Transparency, setting an example for employees at all levels.

They can help celebrate diversity and inclusion
Internal content in companies can highlight employee resource groups or initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. These materials can showcase events, workshops, or campaigns that reflect the organization's values of inclusivity and diversity, creating an environment where every employee feels valued and respected.

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