Simpplr Support Case Severity

When you submit a request to the Simpplr Support queue, it is filed by our Support team according to a number of factors.

Your Issue Type will help us process the severity and priority of your case. This helps ensure cases are responded to in a timely and efficient manner. 

The graphs below will help you understand how tickets are responded to in regards to severity and priority. 

What does Severity mean?

Severity: Assigned by Simpplr based on the type of issue, it is the assessed possible risk or effect of an incident/issue on client's business operations.

Severity Definition
1 Critical issue resulting in a complete system outage or major application failure, preventing a critical business process that has immediate financial impact or impact to data integrity. There is no workaround available.
2 Serious issue preventing execution of a critical business process, causing disruption of a major business function. Major functionality is severely impaired. Serious impact on daily functions or processing and there is no acceptable workaround.
3 Issue that does not prevent the execution of a critical business process and does not impact data integrity. The problem may be circumvented using an available workaround.
4 An inquiry and/or low system/business process impact issue. Examples include cosmetic defects on screens, errors in documentation, or question/how-to type requests.


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