Best Practices: Transitioning Intranet Managers

A common occurrence among organizations large and small is employees leaving. For Simpplr users, this means the Intranet Manager may leave the company, and the future of the intranet could be uncertain if the right continuity plan isn't in place. 

To ensure successful continuity of your intranet, we've put together a list of best practices for transferring ownership of the application, sites, content, etc. 

Ensure your org's service account is up to date

Most importantly, you'll want to ensure your team has the Simpplr Service Account set up properly. Though most customers will have a service account set up for them during implementation, we recommend you check out this help article. We'll explain what a service account is, and why it's important for continuity. 

Have a backup Intranet Manager in place

It's always good practice to have someone on your intranet management team ready to step up should the current Manager leave. This may be an existing App manager from your HR department, System admin from IT, or anyone your team trusts to maintain successful continuity. Whoever it is you designate for the role, you'll want to ensure they're added as an App manager in Simpplr.

Check/update schedulers in Salesforce

If you're not familiar with the Simpplr schedulers, these are system functions that ensure data is being run in your intranet as expected. Best practice is to ensure your service account is the owner of the schedulers. This way, because the service account is not tied to a person, the schedulers will continue to run as normal regardless of who the Intranet Manager is. 

Check out this article for more information on schedulers. 

Transfer ownership of any 3rd party integrations

Often, the Intranet Manager will have their integration account (Google Drive for example) tied to the application setup within Simpplr. Before the employee leaves, you'll want to ensure those file integration ownerships are transferred. Again, we recommend setting up your Simpplr service account as the storage system owner when applicable. this way no one person is responsible for the entire application connection. 

However, if you do have one team member whose account is used for the initial connection, and that's the person leaving, ensure they transfer ownership to the new Intranet Manager before leaving. 

Change site ownership if needed

If the leaving individual is a current Site owner/manager, have them transfer ownership to the new Intranet Manager or someone else capable of owning and maintaining the site(s). For a how-to guide on adding/removing Site owners, click here

Enhance your Intranet Manager knowledge

Have the new Intranet Manager brush up on their knowledge for managing your platform. We've compiled some help articles catered to helping Intranet Managers learn the best methods for building and continuing success across your org's Simpplr intranet. Click here to learn more!

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