Best Practices: Content Planning Questions to Ask

Below are some common questions our customers consider during their Simpplr implementation. Use these as a jumping off point to help plan what content you want to go live with, or how you want to evolve your intranet and increase retention over the long term. 

We also recommend checking out Best Practices: Governance Framework to help spark inspiration for how you'd like to manage your intranet.

Regarding Purpose and Objectives: 

  1. Have you aligned on your intranet’s stated purpose and desired outcomes? 
  2. Have you aligned on the problem(s) you are trying to solve with the intranet? 
  3. Have you thought about what metrics you are going to leverage to measure success? 


Regarding Executive Involvement and Expectation Setting: 

  1. Does your executive team believe in the value of having a strong and engaging intranet? 
  2. Do you have executives who will actively lead and post content in the intranet? If not, do they have someone on the executive staff who can commit to posting on their behalf? (think ghostwriters) 
    1. It's better if it's coming directly from executives so that employees can hear their leaderships’ tone of voice in the writing. 
  3. Does your executive/leadership team have a strong content calendar to help "beat the drum"? 
    1. If yes...where do you store your content calendars? 
    2. If can we strategize on getting that planned out? Do you have a content calendar created? 


Regarding Ownership, Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Have you determined a single individual who will own the intranet administration from a day-to-day perspective? 
  2.  Do you have cross-functional teams that are going to actively participate in writing content, and governing applicable sites? 
  3. Have you set up a governance committee?
    1. If no...what steps do we need to take to form one?
    2. If often is the committee meeting and who is in the committee?
  4. Have you identified who is going to initially setup and manage the sites? 
  5. Have you identified who is going to manage the site after setup? 
  6. Do you have a succession plan in place if and when someone were to leave the company? 


Regarding Content Planning and Content Guidelines: 

  1. Have you gotten collective agreement on the content calendar cadence?
  2. Is your content calendar built out far enough in advance to continue momentum?
  3. Does your content align with your internal business/communications strategy?
  4. Have you provided examples on what makes good content? 
  5. You need to establish the following: 
    1. Design criteria 
    2. Branding guidelines 
    3. Rules 
    4. Tone/ oice 
    5. What should/shouldn’t be on the intranet 
  6. Have you identified who is going to help users and publishers if something goes wrong on the intranet?

Regarding the Maintenance of Content on the Intranet:

  1. Do you have a benchmark of what content employees find engaging, relevant or important? 
  2. Have you constructed an archiving protocol for stale content?
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