Best Practices: Content Promotion

To ensure the Simpplr content you create is being discovered and consumed by your intended audience, following these best practices will help you leverage a variety of effective content promotion mechanisms.


Dashboards are often the first thing users see when they arrive in your intranet or on a specific site. As such, it should house the most updated and pivotal information that you need to provide to your site’s audience. You can succeed in doing so by promoting content in the following dashboard areas:

  • Feed - Any new content will automatically appear here for your users on the home and site dashboards.
  • Tiles - Using dynamic content tiles such as the latest and popular or page category tiles will enable you to not need to worry about manually promoting your site’s content in those places because it will automatically promote any new content that’s added to the site. Set it and forget it!
  • Carousel - The carousel often serves as the first thing users see when they visit your intranet or a specific site. As such, it should be a space to promote the most recent, prominent or important content that you’d like to share with your site audience.

Promote Modal

Whenever you publish a new piece of content, you will see a pop-up appear that gives you several options for promoting content. This will help you to provide additional visibility to it as soon as it’s published.

  • Immediately post the content in a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel (if integrated)
  • Immediately send users a notification of a newly published piece of content
  • Push your content to the site carousel (if permitted)

Diversified Outreach

Since many users consume content and information in different ways, it’s helpful to provide messaging and communications through a variety of mediums in order to help ensure that users have the opportunity to be informed through their various mediums of choice

  • Campaigns - Campaigns allow you to assemble groups of related content to send to your audience. They offer a means of grouping and tracking content assets for important internal comms initiatives, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and measurement of their success. Audience insights are provided to improve present and future campaigns.
  • Newsletters - Leverage newsletters to have specialized and targeted communications to users’ inboxes
  • Alerts - Enable banners along the top of the Simpplr UI for full organizations or specific site audiences
  • Must Reads - Ensure there’s additional visibility and accountability for important communications by leveraging must reads
  • Mobile - Utilize push notifications to keep your users informed, no matter where they are
  • New Hire Onboarding - Simpplr's New Hire Onboarding feature allows you to promote specific content to anyone hired within the last 30 days at your company
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