Best Practices: Simpplr mobile app for hourly employees

A lot of Simpplr customers have hourly employees with various schedules. You may not want employees to have constant access to the intranet. If this is the case, there are a few best practices we recommend for keeping everyone on Simpplr during their work hours.


Confirm mobile use via Must reads

Create a page on one of your sites (for example, your HR site) that outlines your policy for hourly employees' use of mobile. Ensure all employees read and confirm page. Make this page a knowledge page that need validation every 6, 12, or 18 months and never expires. Reinitiate the must read at time of expiration.

You also have the option to create a separate form (ex. Google form) and embed it into the must read page to indicate “I Agee”.



With this configuration, all employees will need to read and confirm when they start. All employees need to be a member or follower of the site on which the must read lives. However, App managers do have the ability to make a must read visible to the entire organization, regardless of site membership.


Don't promote the mobile app

Do not promote the use/availability of the mobile app to hourly employees. Send customized communication to salary employees about mobile app including that it is not for hourly employees. Hourly employees will access the intranet on the browser on company computers. 

This requires an employee datapoint (SSO/ HRIS) to differentiate hourly employees. Otherwise there's no way to send customized communication.

There's also the option to not promote the app at all to anyone. All employees will be encouraged to access on company computers.


Enforce IP address 

Have your System admin create a separate group in the backend of Simpplr (Salesforce) for hourly employees. Hourly employees will only be able to access the app when on the campus IP address. This method requires someone with enough Salesforce knowledge to create new profiles and restrict access to Salesforce based on certain parameters. But to help you out, we have a how-to article for that here!


Enforce working hours

Similar to the idea on IP address limitation above, your System admin can create a separate group in the backend of Simpplr (Salesforce) for hourly employees and input working hours. Hourly employees will only be able to access app during their working hours.

This requires an employee datapoint (SSO/ HRIS) to differentiate hourly employees, as well as set “working hours” for the different group (ex. Monday 8am to 5pm, Tue 8am to 5pm, etc.). If not everyone works the same shift, you will need to set up multiple profiles with different working hours and be able to know which user should be assigned to which profile.

This isn't a highly recommended option because of the knowledge required. For large organizations, it may not be realistic to create unique profiles with parameters for that many groups of employees. 

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  • Great article with some great ideas for hourly workers! Have you encountered any data or cogent arguments that help a Comms team lobby Legal and HR for allowing collective-bargaining agreement workers access to the mobile app? 

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  • Hi Linda. So there really isn’t a way to prevent users from accessing the mobile app during specific hours. And if you were to restrict access to the app, users could still access the intranet via the mobile browser at any time, so restrictions wouldn’t guarantee users stay off the intranet during non-work hours. I would recommend the best option would be to send out a must read communication that informs workers that Simpplr/their intranet is not part of their job role, and they are not officially being paid to be on it. So they can access it at any time, but it is not officially tied to their job expectations.

    Hope this helps!

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