Best Practices: Testing Simpplr email deliverability

We recommend testing your email deliverability as soon as possible into your implementation.

This should be done after setting up your Simpplr email sender address.

  1. Have the email sender create an Audience made up of the project team or a small set of key users for your intranet. This user must be an App manager.
  2. Then add that Audience to a site via Subscription. We recommend using one of the templated sites that came pre-built on your instance.
  3. From Manage > Application > Defaults, turn off all default emails. Org communications will stay on, as these cannot be shut off. This is the only notification type we want to keep on. Click Save.
  4. Turn off all mobile and SMS notifications as well. Remember to click Save after making each change.
  5. Create a new piece of must read content on the testing site. Fill out the page requirements with anything you'd like. Just be sure to label the page as must read after publication. For instructions on making a piece of content must read, click here.
  6. An email should be sent to your project team informing them there's a new must read. Confirm they've received the email. If so, your email deliverability is workin as intended. 


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