Value Realization: How to Boost Employee Experience and Culture

The tools and features mentioned in the videos below are listed here with more detailed how-to documentation and best practices.

Part 1: Why Should I Care About Employee Experience?

Part 2: Get Your C Suite on Board

Let's learn about the importance of executive involvement in your intranet strategy. To summarize, communicate these three tips to your leadership:

  1. Get your hands dirty: Figuratively speaking of course, the executive team should lead by example, by actively engaging with employees and authoring content on the intranet
  2. Live it, breathe it: The intranet is a reflection of your company culture. What do you want it to say to employees? Leadership needs to be involved in driving the company forward with a focused vision that can be expressed on the intranet
  3. Dedication, consistency, frequency: The intranet is a mechanism to deliver timely, relevant updates to employees. Determine who on the executive team can dedicate an hour out of their month or quarter to actively participate in delivering updates to employees, consistently

Get Your Hands Dirty: Post Content!


Live It, Breathe It: Communicate Strategies Quickly and Efficiently

Dedication, Consistency, Frequency: Format Doesn't Matter


Part 3: Creating Feedback Loops

Employee feedback is crucial to your company's long term culture success! Here are a few things we'll talk more about below:

  • Listen to your employees
  • Give team members a place to talk to each other
  • Act on feedback frequently and consistently

And here are some knowledge base articles references in the videos:

Part 4: Promote Your Brand and Company Values

Here are some of the tools and features we discuss in the video below:

  • Recognition suite
  • Company values
  • Employee Newsletter
  • File management integrations
  • Topics
  • Influencers
  • Content templates


Part 5: Effective Communication

Utilize everything you've seen in this article/series to create effective communication across your org! 

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