What type of content is included in the personalized content email?

The personalized content emails setting is available in the Manage > Application > Email menu. This email is powered by the content recommendation engine


For older Simpplr instances not on the Ida release or later, this will appear as the Popular content email.

App managers can enable these emails to be sent daily, weekly, or never by default. End users have the ability to decide how often they want to see these emails as well. More on that below. 

Daily emails will display up to 10 pieces of content, and Weekly emails will display up to 20 pieces of content. If there are more than 10 daily/20 weekly, Simpplr will determine which content to display based on the popularity score.

To set up the personalized content email:

  1. First ensure it's enabled in your platform. From your user profile image, go to Manage > Application > Setup > Email and scroll down to see if the box next to Enable personalized content emails is checked. If not, check it. Then scroll down and click Save.
  2. Next, go to the Defaults tab and choose Summaries & digests.
  3. Set the occurrence to however often you want users to receive the email. Then scroll down and click Save
  4. Your newly saved settings will be applied to new users only. If you want to reset all users' notification settings, use the Overwrite notification settings for all users option at the bottom of the page.

    All users can change their own email notification settings at any point by going to Profile & Settings (can be accessed by clicking on your avatar at the upper right hand corner).

If you're an End user of the intranet, you can set how often you'd like to receive the emails by going to your user profile and clicking Profile & settings > Edit profile & settings > Notifications > Summaries & digests. Here you can choose NeverDaily or Weekly. Once finished, scroll down and click Save.



The personalized content emails are different than the daily/weekly digest emails. For more information on digest emails, click here.
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  • When do the weekly summaries get sent?

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  • Hi Matt. Weekly summaries are sent on Sundays at approximately 12 am, depending on the timezone set up at the org level. So if the org's timezone is set to Pacific, east coast users wouldn't receive the email until 3 am.
    There is currently an enhancement request to leave this time to customer discretion.

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