App Management: How do I control certain fields in the People profile page?

This has to be done by an App manager.


Some fields in Simpplr are hard-coded and cannot be changed, like Expertise, Department, First and Last name, Hire date, Birthday, etc. If you'd like to title these fields something else, we recommend not using them and instead, using custom fields with your own label.

To turn on/off visible fields in user profiles:

  1. Click on your user profile image in the upper right hand corner and click Manage > Manage application.
  2. Go to People > Profile fields.
  3. Check the box next to the fields you want to be visible or invisible on user profiles. If you make a field visible, you can select whether you allow user to edit the field.

    All visible fields are searchable.


    If you synchronize a certain field with Salesforce, Workday or Okta, users cannot edit that field.
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