How can I let Site managers create Alerts and send Newsletters for their site members?

By default, only App managers can create alerts and newsletters.

To allow Site managers create alerts and newsletter for their site members, go to Manage > Manage application > Setup > Privileges.

To allow Site managers create alerts to their members, go to Alerts and add the site names under Grant alerts control to site owner/managers.

To allow Site managers to send newsletters to their members, scroll down to Newsletter and add the site names to Grant newsletter control to site owner/managers.


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  • Once they have been granted permission to send only for their site audience, is the sending process the same for them as it is for App Managers, or different and would they be able to see all newsletters being created in the newsletter section (eg if we are scheduling a communication that we only want app managers to see while it is in draft, can all see them or do they only see their content they are drafting/sent?).  Can you please advise what the instructions are for this level of sending permissions?


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  • Hi Mel. The process for creating and sending the newsletter will be the exact same as it is for App managers. Those granted access to create and send newsletters (who are not App managers) will only be able to see the ones they have created/drafted for the site(s) that user manages. So if an App manager has a draft newsletter, the Site manager in question will not be able to see it while it's in draft. They will only see it once the App manager has distributed it like normal. 

    To put it simply, this level of access given to Site managers does not mean they suddenly can see things App managers can. 

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