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This article lays out recommended image sizes for:


Quick glance at recommended image sizes:


In all of the cases below we save the resized/cropped versions in the same format as upload (png, jpeg for example). For jpeg we use 85% quality. If an image goes through the cropping process but remains the same size (i.e. it’s not actually cropped) then we will use the original image. This is important for jpegs because it means we don't add any extra compression artifacts by resaving.


Intranet background images

If you choose to include a background image from the Branding editor, we recommend you not exceed the width of 2000px and height of 650px for the image. Also, the image cannot exceed 500KB.

Carousel images

When three images are shown in the Carousel (using the Showcase layout), we use the Widescreen crop for cover image (16:9) image for the larger panel, and the Square crop for thumbnail version for the smaller panels. 


However the panels aren't actually square, they're rectangle, so we crop the sides of the square slightly.

How big is the cropped image?

The actual size of the thumbnail image will depend on the crop you've selected from the original image during content creation. If the image is being displayed at 16:9 then it's exactly the same image. If you do not resize the selection box, the thumbnail will be 500x500 px. If that's the case, the cropped version for the Carousel would be 437x500 px.

Feed images

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to a maximum of 1600px width/height

Image Tile

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to a maximum of 1086px width/height

Is there a file size limit?

  • If the file size exceeds 5mb the image cannot be uploaded and an error message will be displayed

Links Tile

Image ratio: 16:9

Recommended image size: 800px x 450px

Are these images resized?

  • No, the original image is displayed

Apps launcher icons

Maximum image size: 220px x 80px

Are these images resized?

  • No. The image is centrally aligned in the Apps launcher tile. We don't recommend resizing smaller images to fit the scale. Use images that were created in roughly 220x80


Cover images and thumbnails

Cover image recommended size - 1088px x 612px

Maximum thumbnail size - 500px x 500px

Are we resizing images?

  • Yes the cropped versions are resized to a max of 1088px width for Cover and 500px wide for thumbnail

Does the cropper tool create a new image even if you don't crop the image?

  • No, as long as the image is the same ratio as the crop being made and is not larger than 1088px wide

Cover image


Thumbnail image

Album images

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to a maximum of 1600px width/height

Content body images

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to a maximum of 1600px width/height. The images are then displayed at a size smaller than this to fit within the Content body- 709px for the standard size, and 1024px if 'maximum content width' is selected. Max 10mb file size (warning shown if file exceeds this).

Site image

Recommended image size: 165px x 165px

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to a maximum of 1600px x 1600px.

Site cover image

Recommended image size: 1088px x 171px 

Are we resizing images?

  • Yes, the cropped versions are resized to a max of 1088px x 171px


Profile image

Recommended image size: 500px x 500px

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, to 200px x 200px

Profile cover image

Are these images resized?

  • Yes, the cropped versions are resized to a max of 746px x 304px



Simpplr recommends using a .png file format for your company logo. Ask your Marketing team for the right file format, or use any number of free online png converter tools.

The recommended logo size is 540 (width) x 144 (height) px. Simpplr will automatically resize the logo to the maximum height of 48px. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 100KB.

The favicon image should be at least 260x260 px size logo/icon, but preferably in png format and of 500x500 px size. 


Employee Newsletter Banner

For a Newsletter banner, the minimum width is 650px. We recommend using an 800 x 100px image. Though there is technically no maximum height, using an image that's too tall isn't the most appealing. 

Recognition badges

Recognition badges should be 200 x 200 px  and should have a transparent background. The maximum file size is 2MB.
Recognition badges.png

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  • Please add the size requirement for a site image. The site cover image requirements are in there, but I don't see the site image requirements on this page or on any of the other support pages. Thanks!

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  • Hi, Keri!

    I've been using Simpplr since 2019 and have used image sizes documented in earlier support articles which had a recommended size of 500x500 px and minimum size as 320x320 px for Site Images, both of which are larger than the size it is displayed at on the site.

    I have regularly used 500x500 px size images in PNG format for site images and found that has worked out well for us.


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  • What are the specs for the album covers on carousels? 

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  • Hi Nicole. Album cover images are the same specs as any other image in an album. These can be any size, but the system will automatically resize the image to a maximum of 1600px width/height.

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  • Hi Matthew! Thanks for the quick response. I understand that the album cover should have the same specs as the rest of the album pics. I'm wondering about when an album is promoted to a carousel. The specs outlined in the article for the carousel image cropping (i.e., 16:9 for the main image, and 437x500 px for the smaller ones) don't seem to directly apply to albums since the carousel view for albums also includes previews of several of the pictures therein. Do you have the specs for album cover cropping in the carousels available? 

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  • What is the size for the icon image in the App launcher on the home dashboard?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Krystal. Apps launcher icons need to be 220x80 px. This article goes into more detail on adding apps, as well as icons for the most popular apps we see used that are available for download. 

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