I received a 'permission' error


Note: A System admin will need to follow the steps below in order to complete the task.


If you have users running into the error similar to the one shown below, it may mean their Salesforce permission sets have been removed.

Follow the steps below to ensure the user(s) has the correct Salesforce permissions assigned to them.

Simpplr also recommends you submit a Support ticket request, so our team can investigate the issue further.

Every Simpplr user must have Simpplr permission sets assigned to them in Salesforce in order to perform Simpplr actions. Follow the steps to below to verify the user running into the error has the correct Salesforce permissions assigned. 

  1. Go to Salesforce. Delete everything after the .com in the intranet URL and hit the Enter key to access the Salesforce home page.

  2. Go to Setup in the top right corner (if you're using Lightning, click the gear icon). 

  3. From the Setup menu, type users into the Quick Find box and click.
  4. Locate the user experiencing the issue in Simpplr and click their name. 
  5. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments section.

  6. Every user in your org must have the Simpplr User permission. The other Simpplr associated permissions can be added as appropriate. Ensure your user has at least the Simpplr User permission added and click Save.
    Simpplr_user_permission_set.gifThis should fix the error temporarily until Support can resolve the root of the issue.

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