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How to sign up for training

Which courses should I take?


How to sign up for training

Follow the instructions below to create your Docebo LMS account. Once you create your profile, you'll have full access to Simpplr's course catalog of training. You'll also be able to enroll in custom learning plans designed for your role within Simpplr. 


Docebo is a third party Learning Management System outside of Simpplr. You're creating a new set of credentials/profile when enrolling in training. 


Click the link below to go to our Learning Management System (LMS) on Docebo.

From the landing page, click Register to begin creating your new learning profile. Then follow the steps below.


  1. Create a Username. This must be your work email address. So you'll be entering your work email address twice.
  2. Next, enter your work email address. This should be the one you use for your other Simpplr activities, ending in Do not use your personal email address.
  3. Enter your first and last name. 
  4. Create a password. This must contain at least 6 characters.
  5. Choose your preferred language from the dropdown.
  6. Finally, choose the Branch Name from the dropdown to gain full access to our course catalog. The Branch Name is Customer Training.
  7. View and check the box accepting the terms of the privacy policy. When finished, click NEXT at the bottom.

  8. Fill in the name of your organization/company, then click REGISTER.

  9. You should receive an email from Docebo upon completing your registration. Be sure to check your spam folder, as sometimes the email gets sent there. 

  10. Bookmark the home page so you'll have easy access for later on!

Congrats! You’re now registered and have full access to our library of eLearning modules. From your home page, you can either enroll in an individual course, mini-modules for a quick refresher on a certain topic, or a whole learning plan! 


Which courses should I take?

We recommend enrolling in whichever Learning Plan corresponds with your role in the Intranet Management team. For example, App managers should enroll in the Application Manager Learning Plan. It contains all the applicable courses to your role.

If you don't see a Learning Plan matching your role, or you're not a member of your org's Intranet Management team, we recommend beginning with Introduction to Simpplr, then moving on to End User and/or Content Management.

If you're not sure of your role, talk with your Simpplr Consultant or CSM.


Below are some screenshots detailing the course catalogs once you log in to the LMS.


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