Configure the Apps Launcher with Okta

Simpplr allows you to configure the Apps Launcher to your organization's Okta SSO. This means the same apps you use with Okta throughout your org will be show directly in the Simpplr Apps Launcher. 

As an App manager, you can set up the configuration. To get started: 

  1. Log in to Okta with Admin or Read Only Admin credentials. Go to the Security tab and click API.
  2. Click the Create Token button and give the new token a name.
  3. Copy the new token to your clipboard and click OK, got it
  4. Log in to Simpplr using App manager credentials. From the user profile image, choose Manage > Application > Integrations > Single sign-on.
  5. Choose Okta and fill in the required fields: Okta link, Okta API token and Okta username format. This is where you'll paste the API token you created back in step 3. When finished click Save.
  6. From your user profile image, go to the Manage > Apps & links menu and choose Okta from the Apps integration dropdown list. Then scroll down and click Save.
  7. To update your Salesforce Remote Site Settings, go to your Salesforce and click Setup. Then in the Quick find box, type in Remote Site Settings and click.
  8. Click New Remote Site. Enter the name "Okta" into the Remote Site Name. Use the URL: https// Make sure Active is checked. Click Save.

Now the Apps Launcher in Simpplr will be configured with your Okta apps. 

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