How do I delete a site?

Only System admins are able to permanently delete sites. This must be done in your Salesforce instance. To learn how to do this, check out the video here.


Otherwise, you can deactivate sites if you are the Site manager/owner, App manager, or System admin. Deactivating a site will allow all the content in the site to be retained. It just won't be searchable or navigable to any users. You can always reactivate it later on with all the content retained. 

To deactivate a site:

  1. Go to your user menu, and from the dropdown select Manage > Manage sites.
  2. Next to the site you wish to deactivate, click the arrow to open the dropdown menu and choose Deactivate.
  3. If you want to deactivate more than one site at a time, you can bulk deactivate by checking the boxes next to each site you want to deactivate. Then at the bottom of the screen, select the action you'd like to take (in this case, Deactivate). Then click Apply.


Site members and followers will not be notified when a site is deactivated. The site will no longer appear in search results, site lists, or anywhere else it was previously shown. As a best practice, Simpplr recommends relocating any important content or files from the site before deactivating it. Any content published on a deactivated site will also be deactivated unless it's been moved to a different site

You can always reactivate the site(s) by just navigating back to this menu, changing the dropdown to Deactivated to see the full list of deactivated sites, and clicking Activate on any deactivated sites. This will also restore the content that was posted on that site.

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