Analytics: Page-level analytics

Page-level analytics

Page-level analytics offer insights into specific content that you have access to or created. You can see total page views at the top of a piece of content's analytics bar:


There are several ways to see in-depth page analytics:

  • Click on one of the analytics charts in the analytics bar (i.e. Total views). 
  • Navigate to the piece of content and click the ellipsis (...). Then choose Page analytics or the chart icon next to the ellipsis.
  • From Manage content, click the analytics icon next to a piece of content. 

From Page analytics, you can see:

  • The percentage of site members and followers that viewed the content
  • Total page views over time filterable by members, followers, and others
  • Unique users viewing the content over time filterable members, followers, and others
  • Content referral sources
  • Top views from segments, departments, location or a custom grouping
  • User engagement including likes, posts, replies, shares and favorites



As of our Hotaka release, page level analytics offer more relevant and insightful metrics for all users. In addition to a new page analytics dashboard, users now have the ability to download a CSV of all users accessing a page with up to 10,000 user records. Downloading the CSV of the page analytics will show you the viewers' names, job titles, and other attributes.

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  • Why do the # of views in the 'Consumption over time' and the 'Views by' tiles differ?

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  • In the Consumption over time section, we have 'All' views and 'Unique' views. The Unique view tab should reflect the same number as the Viewed by section. The 'All' tab includes users who viewed the content more than once.

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  • Can anyone that is a member or viewer only of the page, see the analytics at the top or content managers, site owners etc. only?

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  • Only the Content author, Site owners and managers can see the page analytics. Site members and followers without owner/manager permissions will not be able to see this.

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  • Do the page analytics include any data around file attachment clicks/opens?

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  • Hi Jeanine. Currently file & attachment metrics are not tracked. I've submitted an enhancement request for our Engineering team to take this into consideration.

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