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Mobile analytics dashboard

24.04 enhancements


Mobile analytics dashboard

With the 23.09 release, we introduced a significant enhancement that simplifies the management of domains to enable mobile app. Customers won't need to request Simpplr to enable, disable, or add domains to their mobile app.

App managers have direct control over this process through a straightforward menu path: Manage > Application > Set up > Mobile app.

Here's how it works:

Add domains with ease: App managers can seamlessly add the domains for which they want their app to be enabled. With this feature now in the hands of App managers, it offers a more efficient and self-reliant experience.

Streamlined access for employees: Once these domains are added, all employees with the same domain name will gain access to the mobile app. It's a simple, automatic process that reduces the need for manual requests and approvals.

Important note: In the event that the organization's Salesforce or Simpplr URL undergoes changes, app managers will need to visit this interface and select Save to ensure the new URL is accurately associated with the specified domains. This step is essential to maintain smooth functionality and align your app with any updated URLs.


The 23.09 mobile release introduces several more enhancements, including our brand-new mobile analytics feature. Customers with mobile will have access to a new tab labeled 'Mobile' within the analytics section of their Analytics menu.


If there is no data for mobile analytics, you will not see any reflected in this new section.

We will be refining and enhancing the feature in upcoming releases. Here's what you can expect from our initial release:

Key metrics supported:

  1. Usage overview: Get an insightful overview of mobile app usage

  2. Mobile adoption: Understand how well your mobile app is being embraced

  3. Platform visits: Track visits across Android and iOS

  4. View by type: Categorize usage by content type (Page, Album, Event) for a deeper understanding

  5. Content views: Monitor content views

  6. Adoption and content view by segments, locations or department: Drill down into specific segments, locations, and departments to analyze adoption and content views
    mobile analytics 1.png
    mobile analytics 2.png
    mobile analytics 3.png
    mobile analytics 4.png

24.04 enhancements

With the 24.04 release, we enhanced the analytics widget to more closely approximate the data and design choices we'll be taking moving forward. Most of these items were taken from general best practices for analytics as well as customer feedback. Here's the list of enhancements, in no particular order:

  • Consolidated the "most adopted" and "least adopted" widgets into a single, sortable table

  • Added the number of active users in the group (ie location, department, etc.) so that users can use that context to identify where to focus time and attention

  • Added the user numbers and percent adoption for each item

  • Added web, mobile and total adoption for each population

  • Extended widget to include number and frequency of logins so that users can better identify usage vs adoption

  • Added pagination through a show more button so that users don't have to download CSVs to see more datapoints

As we continue improving this offering in future releases, we encourage you to share your suggestions, questions, and customer feedback with us. We're more than happy to arrange a call to better understand your specific requirements.

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