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This article provides steps for syncing Okta attributes to Simpplr. You must first have Okta enabled at the application level before performing the steps below. For information on how to initially set up Okta's SSO solution with Simpplr, click here.


Follow these steps to sync attributes from Okta to Simpplr using Simpplr's Okta API integration.

Enable Okta syncing

      1. Click on the user picture on the top right corner and Manage > Manage Application.
      2. Go to Integrations > Single Sign on.
      3. Enter the URL of Okta Tenant (like
      4. Generate the Okta API token from Okta Admin Panel > Security > API (You can generate a token with Read Only Admin privileges.
      5. In most cases, the Okta Username Format will be a Salesforce account email, but it can be changed. 
      6. In the same menu click on Setup > Navigation.
      7. Select Okta under the Single Sign-on Integration drop down.
      8. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.
      9. Go to the Salesforce > Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings and then click New Remote Site.
      10. For Remote Site Name, enter “Okta”.
      11. ForRemote Site URL, enter your Okta URL.


step 2 - navigating to SSO


step 6 - navigating to Setup > Navigation


step 9 - clicking New Remote Site in Salesforce


step 11 - entering your Okta URL


Scenarios for syncing fields

All attributes are working, but changes are required for the manager attribute to sync. There are two possible scenarios you can run:

Scenario 1

This is applicable if Active Directory is the source account from which you're syncing user data. If you check the Manager attribute in Okta profile for the user, this field will be blank. If you scroll down further, you'll see the manager attribute from Active Directory reads Distinguish Name of manager. You'll need to change this Distinguishing name to Manager email. 

  1. Go to Directory > Profile Editor and look for Active Directory on the left hand side. Click Mappings.
  2. Ensure that changes are being made from from Active Directory to Okta. You can verify this by seeing the top.
  3. Scroll to Manager attribute.
  4. Add this function: getManagerUser("active_directory").email. This will convert the Manager DN to Manager email.
  5. Run the Full import from Active Directory to Okta.

Scenario 2

Option 1: If Okta is the source account from which you're syncing user data, then you only need to ensure that you have Manager email in the Manager attribute.

Option 2: You can create a custom attribute called managerEmail (This is case sensitive). One of these attributes should be a manager email.

To add a new attribute:

  1. Select the data type
  2. Enter the Display name as managerEmail
  3. Enter the Variable name
  4. Give the attribute a Descriptionokta_manager_attribute.png

Select Okta fields to sync from within Simpplr


Any custom field in Okta can be mapped in Simpplr.
      1. Go to Simpplr, go to Manage > Manage application. Click People in Manage Application. Go to User Syncing.
      2. Change the Syncing Source from Salesforce to Okta.
      3. Check the attributes you want to sync from Okta like Title, Manager, etc.


        The Company field in Simpplr maps to the Organization field in Okta. 
      4. For the Hire Date field, enter the Okta field name that contains the hire date. The date must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
      5. If you want to add any custom field, scroll down to Sync additional fields, click Add Field.
      6. Enter the Okta field name in Field to Sync field.
      7. Enter the field name that you want to display in Simpplr in Label singular and Label plural.
      8. If you want to display the field in the People directory as one of the searchable filters, select the Display filter on people listing for this field checkbox.
      9. Scroll down to Save.


step 3 - change the syncing source


step 4 - enter the hire date field in proper formatting


step 9 - display filter checkbox

Force sync

      1. Navigate Manage Applications > Setup > Schedulers.
      2. Select SchedulerSimpplrServices and click on the drop down.
      3. Check the attributes you want to sync from Okta like Title, Manager, etc.
      4. Click Run now. This is scheduled to run overnight daily, but Run Now allows you to manually sync with Okta right away.


step 4- Run now

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