Your first 30 days with Simpplr: Building communication

Table of Contents

Functionality: Home dashboard, Must reads

Framework: Site architecture

Initiative: Employee profile and photos

Best Practices: Content promotion, New hire onboarding, CEO/Leadership site 

Insights: Understanding analytics 

Bonus: Leveraging Intranet ambassadors

The next 30 days: Form connections



Home dashboard

  • Your home dashboard is one of the most important and frequently visited spaces on your intranet
  • Find goals, designs, and content best practices

Must reads

  • Important content can be marked as must read, requiring users confirm that they have read it
  • Discover who can create must reads and how they are used

Apps launcher

  • Add your organization's most commonly used applications directly to your Simpplr Home dashboard
  • Discover how this Apps launcher can be customized


  • Simpplr's feed ensures users connect with the most engaging and relevant content
  • Understand the difference between the home feed and site feed


Establishing Intranet Management Framework

  • Setting a framework for your internal processes will not only help maintain your intranet’s hygiene, but will also set the foundation for your intranet’s success

Site architecture

  • Plan to roll out sites dedicated to department, location, team, interests, etc. 
      • i.e., IT, HR, Comms, Marketing, San Francisco, New York City, CEO Corner, Employee Watercooler, Holiday Celebrations


Site and content governance 

  • Set the standard for sites and content to ensure ongoing success and consistency throughout your intranet

Employee profile and photo upload

  • Promote usage of the mobile app 
  • Start with leadership 
  • Tie the intranet profile update to another mandated process (New Hire Onboarding, Performance Review, etc.) 
  • Consider giving employees questions to help them fill out their About field

Best practices

New hire onboarding

  • Best practices for providing a seamless new hire experience using Simpplr and ideas to help you best meet the needs of your organization's new hires

CEO/Leadership site

  • Explore fundamental methods on how you can get your executives engaged with your intranet

Content promotion

  • Beyond just publishing content to your Intranet, we also want to make sure users are aware of the content 
  • This article provides ideas on how to best promote your content to increase engagement and viewership


Understanding analytics

  • This goes hand-in-hand with the Analytics section from our previous Getting to Know Simpplr article
  • We recommend you check in on your analytics at least once a month, if not weekly or daily


Leverage Intranet Ambassadors 

  • Create a group by sourcing all of your power users from Analytics > Social Interaction and/or People tabs 
  • This group can help with creating/promoting content, making other users feel more comfortable with adopting the tool, and providing feedback for what is needed from the intranet

The next 30 days: Form connections

the next article, Your first 60 days with Simpplr: Forming connections, will guide you on:

  • Creating special interest groups and social sites
    • What other ways could you bring colleagues together?
    • What else do you know about your colleagues?
    • Create fun ways to build relationships
  • Continuing to monitor analytics
    • Number of people who uploaded profile photo and added birthday
    • Number of people who like, favorite, reply and comment
    • Number of people who complete About texts in their profiles
  • Joining the Simpplr Office bi-weekly office hours
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