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Going forward...



You can create polls for your users on a variety of topics. This is a great way to increase employee engagement.


Users can add topics to content and Feed posts to group the same type of content together. Topics are also searchable. Note that Simpplr's current topic selection only supports English.  

You can see all the topics on the Manage topics page.

Topics and Expertise



Create a mind map for your people to intuitively find what they're looking for when browsing sites or content. A good starting point for creating and aligning site categories is to input them into a spreadsheet and run the grouping by a few users to see if the alignment makes sense.

Site categories are normally left to Site owners to decide since they should best organize their content and how their colleagues think about it. Consider popularity of certain departments or teams (Sales or HR may warrant their own categories, for example).

Site categories



It’s critical for Site managers to understand the importance of building and maintaining their sites.

Building training and localized sites

Once a release is live, Simpplr will always post release notes highlighting the release features, as well as schedule a webinar to go over the new features. We recommend our customers upgrade to our latest release as soon as possible

Upgrade to newest release



Register for thought Leadership webinars and events

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Understanding user consumption behavior

Now that you’re about three months post-launch, we recommend you start thinking about surveying your users for their feedback on the Intranet.

Feel free to integrate these questions with a pulse survey or annual performance reviews, so as to avoid survey-fatigue

Click the link to the survey template below. Download a copy and use it for your team.

User Perception Survey


Going forward...

For the next 60-90 days, we recommend you think about:

  • What’s in Intranet Phase II?
  • How are you going to measure the success of your intranet?

Next, check out our six month review article. We'll discuss how you're measuring success and some best practices going forward after the first year of your intranet.

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