Your first 60 days with Simpplr: Forming connections

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Best practices


Going forward...



Simpplr provides a built-in newsletter feature that saves time, money and puts the power of newsletter communication into the hands of your employees with just a few clicks.


Social campaigns allow your organization to promote itself through your employees' social media accounts.

Social campaigns

As an App manager/Segment manager, you can define, save, and reuse a list of users across subscriptions, alerts, newsletters, social campaigns and segments. This list of users ius called an audience.


You can create an alert to make a quick announcement that shows up at the top of Simpplr for everyone to see.




Making your intranet a success will involve driving user adoption, ensuring there is uptick in the number of visitors and growth in the number of employees using social features.  

Success will be about ensuring there is a great pipeline of content, continuous improvement and additional features that your users will love.

Managing a successful intranet

App managers are key to ensuring your organization is able to administer a functional and effective intranet solution. As such, you should make sure that this role has the necessary support and resources to be successful.

App manager support structure



Keep beating the drum with business, strategic and fun content. Set up a calendar in advance and establish a weekly/daily cadence with your team, so your users know what to expect and when to expect it. More published content means more information and resources living on your Intranet, which means more engagement from your users

Create editorial calendar

One of the top reasons why Intranets fail is because there is no Executive buy-in or engagement. From our research, we’ve provided some best practices for you to follow to keep your Executive team involved in your intranet.

Continue to push Executive engagement 


Best practices

We like to bucket the types of sites you can have into three buckets: Core/All company pertinent sites; Team/Department specific sites; and Social/Interest group sites. Get creative with what additional sites to intro in! If applicable, source some neat ideas from your users’ expertise (Manage > Manage expertise) or start with your Exec team’s interests and hobbies i.e. golf, chess club, etc.

Social/Interest group sites

We recommend you break up business and strategic content with fun, non-business related content, so as to prevent information overload with your users.

Fun and engaging content



Now that you have the foundation laid for your Intranet, we want to make all users are aware this tool is available and that they're comfortable navigating it to source the info they need.

You can gamify this by having users collect points with each item they find and/or have users enter into a raffle for a prize if they complete the Intranet Scavenger Hunt. 

Check out the link here for instructions.

Intranet scavenger hunt contest


Going forward...

For the next 30 days, we recommend you:

  • Ask for feedback
    • How can you improve the user experience?
    • What are the barriers to the intranet access?
    • What else is missing?
  • Create localized sites and content
    • Tailor to the needs of the local/specific group of audiences
    • Enable engagement within the groups
  • Keep monitoring analytics for adoption and engagement
    • Number of shares
    • Number of replies
    • Number of comments
    • Types of comments
  • Join the Simpplr Office Hours

Next we'll focus on the first 90 days with Simpplr, where our goal is to collaborate...

Your first 90 days with Simpplr: Enabling collaboration

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