Best Practices: Manage Sites and Content

Proper governance requires resources and ongoing commitment from an organization. 

  • Create and secure a governance team: The best governance team requires a cross-functional approach.
  • Distribute federated ownership: Identifying individuals who will help set up, and update the intranet across the organization. 
  • Create clear guidelines:  Intranets should have easy to follow guidelines and criteria which enables employee engagement, and doesn’t restrict it. 
  • Provide support and training: A process is needed that supports the onboarding, equipping, and regular assistance for managers and publishers.

Create and Secure Cross-Functional Team

Cross-functional business units and locations need to commit to ongoing representation to ensure the intranet and communication strategies ongoing success. The group should meet regularly, have executive sponsorship and leadership oversight. This team typically meets monthly or quarterly to review what’s working, assess which sites/knowledge are underserved and continually align with high level company-wide goals. 

Distribute federated ownership

Simpplr was created to make configurations and content creation easy so updates can happen at the speed of business. This means intranet ownership can be decentralized and responsibility shared among content owners and publishers. When a distributed content administration model is adopted, the quality and volume of the content increase across the platform.  

Create clear guidelines for site managers

Site managers should have clear guidelines for creating and maintaining sites which can only begin after thinking through some initial questions. 

Creating your site:

  • Who is my audience
  • Is there a site or page already for this audience?
  • Should your content go on the existing site/page? 
  • How often will this information be updated? 
  • Who is going to maintain the site? 
  • How will your business leaders participate? 
  • Site requirements and standards normally include
    • Adherence to internal and confidential policies, the use of multiple content items (pages, events, albums) files and/or integrations and receive monthly updates. 
    • A certain size audience, new content regularly, and director level sponsorship or higher. 

Maintaining your site:

  • Creating a site manager agreement is about keeping the site relevant and up to date. Adhering to the above guidelines, being responsive to feedback, participating in the monthly/quarterly governance meeting are intrinsic to a long term strategy.   

Provide support and training

Providing tier-1 support on how to use the system and train site managers/ content contributors and creators. These people will all need adequate support and training to ensure technology doesn’t add friction to the governance process.  

  • Onboarding site managers with training and office hours in the beginning will ensure good adoption. 
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