Embed Google Forms on a Simpplr Page

Google Forms can be embedded onto Simpplr content or an HTML tile in a few simple steps. 

  1. First, access your Google Form. At the top navigation, press Send. A modal will appear, look for the <> icon in the modal. Once you select <> you'll get the embed code. Copy the code. You can adjust the height and width as needed.


    You can only edit the Google Form in G Suite, but the changes will carry over to Simpplr any time you edit the form.
  2. Back in Simpplr, create your page or HTML tile. For pages, in the WYSIWYG editor of the body text, click the </> icon. This is the code view editor. Paste the code you copied from Google Forms. Click the icon to exit out of the code editor and see your form embedded on the page.

For HTML tiles, simply paste the same code snippet copied from Google Forms to the tile body. Set the tile height to the same as the height set in Google Forms. Click Add to dashboard.

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