Salesforce: How do I enable an enhanced domain in Salesforce?

As of the Summer 23' release of Salesforce (June 2023), all application domains will be required to be 'enhanced'. This is a security setting Salesforce is taking to better protect your domain. If no action is taken by the release, Salesforce will automatically update your domain to be enhanced. 

Salesforce, and by extension Simpplr, recommends your Salesforce System admin take the necessary steps to enable the enhanced domain before the release. 

Enabling enhanced domains will not change your domain name, or any configuration settings in your Simpplr or Salesforce instance. This is simply a security setting that will better protect your instance. 

To enable enhanced domains, as your org's system admin user, from Salesforce:

  1. Go to Setup, then in the Quick Find box, type My Domain and click.enhanced_domain_1.gif
  2. Find the section My Domain Details and look for Domain Suffix. We're looking to see if Use enhanced domains is checked. If it’s checked, please ignore the rest of this article and the email you received (you already have enhanced domains enabled). If it’s not checked, move on to the next step.enhanced_domain_2.png

  3. Click Edit in the My Domain Details section. Verify your My Domain Name is accurate and check Use Enhanced Domains. Then click Save. Your new domain will NOT take effect until you click Save. enhanced_domain_3.gif
  4. From the next screen, deploy the new enhanced domain to your users. You'll be redirected to the sign in page, and all users will be asked to re-log in under the new domain.
  5. If your org is using an SSO provider, you'll need to update the domain endpoint from the SSO to ensure the integration is still active. Work with your SSO admin if necessary to verify the domain endpoint is correct. If you're not using an SSO, move on to the next step. 
  6. Head back to your Simpplr instance and from your user menu, go to Manage > Application > Troubleshooting.
  7. Click the checkbox under Simpplr domain, then Save. Before saving, the domain shown here will be the old one but post saving, when the page reloads, it should show the new domain.enhanced_domain_4.gif

Old domain


New domain



If you're using the Simpplr mobile app (native or branded), complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your org's Salesforce instance as the System admin.
  2. Click this link (it’ll run a query to tie your new URL to your mobile app)
  3. It will say “OK” when completed.

Finally, open a ticket with our Support team to verify the enhanced domain is working properly and that the steps were completed correctly. 

  1. Provide Support access to your environment by following these instructions.
  2. Open a ticket with this form.
  3. Fill out the Support form with the following fields: 
    • Issue Type:  Enhanced Domains (This will allow us to verify if everything was done correctly on Simpplr’s side as well update the new domain in our database). 
    • Subject: “Enhanced Domains”
    • Issue Request or Description: “Please review our account. We have completed enabling Enhanced Domains.” 

The Support team will review your account and verify that your Enhanced Domains is setup correctly via the ticket.

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