Salesforce: How do I run a report that shows all Simpplr Site managers and Content managers?

Simpplr's analytics do not currently offer the ability to run a report showing all active Site owners and managers. However, you can view this data in Salesforce by setting up a new report type. As your org's System admin user, follow the instructions below to get started.

Note: The steps below are completed in the Salesforce Lightning interface. We recommend using Lightning since the interface is a bit easier to navigate when setting up Salesforce reports. 

  1. Head to your Salesforce environment by removing everything after .com in your Simpplr url, then hit Enter.get_to_salesforce.gif
  2. Once in Salesforce, if you're in Classic (as opposed to Lightning) you'll see the option at the top of your screen to Switch to Lightning Experience. Click it.
  3. Now head to the gear icon in the top right, then click Setup
  4. From the Quick Find box on the left, type in Report Types and choose the selection. 
  5. Choose New Custom Report Type. In the Primary Object field, open the dropdown and find Simpplr Site Roles. Select it.
  6. For the Identification menu, label your report type Simpplr Site Managers, or something similar. This is how it will appear in the actual report. Input a description. This can be short, but it is required. Finally, put in the applicable report category. Categories are shown when assembling your report. You can always search for the report type by its name; categories just make it easier to find. 
  7. In Deployment, check the box for Deployed. Then click Next.
  8. From the next screen, click Save. Now the report data is available when creating your report. So let's create your report next.

Creating your Simpplr Site manager report

  1. Where you see Setup near the top of your screen, click the square made up of dots, then choose Simpplr from the dropdown list.
  2. Click the Reports tab, then New Report. Find the report type you just created either through search or category. Once you've found it, choose Start Report.
  3. The default report fields provide you with info that's not very useful. We'll need to edit the fields shown. Click Edit to customize the rows and columns, as well as filters. 
  4. In the Columns section, add the following fields:
    1. Site: Simpplr Site Name
    2. User: Full Name
    3. Is Manager
    4. Is Member
    5. Is Content Manager
  5. Optionally, click the Filters tab and sort by created date. This is the date the site would've been created, so for example, if a site wasn't created within the time frame set, it won't appear in the report results.
  6. When finished, click Run.
  7. Your report will show you the data for who is a Site manager. The field Is Manager accounts for both Site owners and managers.
    Simpplr site role report SFDC.png




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