How do I add or update user profile photos in Simpplr?

End users can change their own profile photo at any time by navigating to Profile & settings, then clicking their photo. Here they can remove or replace the image.


Your org can choose to build a custom API for photo uploads using Salesforce. Have the org's Salesforce System admin utilize the following Salesforce documentation to help build your API.

Salesforce API User Profiles Photo

Salesforce API Update and Crop a User Photo

How to use REST API for Salesforce


If your org uses Microsoft Office 365 and has photos uploaded there, you can use the Azure integration in Simpplr to sync both data fields and profile images.

If these options won't work for your org, contact our Support team to learn more about professional services regarding assistance in uploading user profile photos.



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  • Hi Matthew Rawls,

    Do app managers have the ability to change the profile picture of any user or can they only change the background image?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi Brian. App managers can change any user profile image by heading to the user's profile and clicking on their existing image. You'll see the options to replace or remove the profile image. This can only be done one user at a time natively in the app, but the suggestions above for building custom APIs can also work for replacing multiple images at a time. 

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