Salesforce: I received an Unauthorized endpoint error when trying to publish content. How do I fix this?

If you've received an Unauthorized endpoint error similar to the image shown below, this is likely the result of a recent change to your Simpplr's url. Most users receive this error when attempting to publish a newsletter in Simpplr.

When you've enabled a custom url and your instance changes, you will normally not need to make any backend changes except for one; you (or the System admin) only need to manually update the REST_API_URL in your Salesforce Remote Site Settings. To do so, follow the instructions here.

  1. From your Salesforce home page, navigate to Setup and type Remote site settings into the Quick Find box. (To get to your Salesforce instance, remove everything after .com in your Simpplr url and hit Enter.)
  2. Scroll down until you see the REST_API_URL option and click Edit.
  3. You (or the Salesforce System admin if not you) should have received an email from Salesforce when the new url was created for your Simpplr instance. This email will contain the new REST_API_URL you need to input in the Remote Site Settings. Locate the required new url in the email. It should be similar to the last one and contain If you did not receive the email, go to Salesforce, and from Setup, type Company information and select. Here you will find the instance number.


    This new url can also be found in the error message that appears in your Simpplr instance.
  4. Input the new url into the Remote Site URL box. Be sure to include https://. Then click Save. Once you return to Simpplr and attempt the action again, you should no longer receive the error. 
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