Salesforce: How do I run an Active User Report in Salesforce?

To run an Active User Report in Salesforce, you'll need to have system admin access. To get started:

  1. Head to Salesforce. To get to the Salesforce instance, remove everything after .com in your Simpplr url, then hit the Enter key.
    go to salesforce.gif
  2. From the Home page of your Salesforce instance that Simpplr is built on, click the Plus(+) icon at the top of the page.

  3. Scroll down until you see Reports and click.
  4. From the search bar in the All Folders section, type Active Users. Then select Sample Report: Active Users.
  5. From here you can save, download, print, customize or export the report however you'd like.


To view a list of active users in your Simpplr/Salesforce environment:

  1. Navigate to Setup from your Salesforce instance. From the Quick Find box, type Users.
  2. From the filter box, you can view Active Users, or switch to Admin Users, Standard Users, etc.


    When you view Admin Users, only the ones with a checkbox in the Active section are currently using a license. Salesforce will list active, as well as inactive Admins.


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  • Hi Matthew! I successfully ran an active user report in SF, but I cannot find the "Manager" field in the list of fields to add to the active user report. The list of fields I can drag and drop includes every single other field in the "user" view, but not the "Manager" field. Is there a reason why, or is there a way I can add this to the list of fields so I can see it in the report? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey Jeanine. Are you looking to find a list of people managers for your org, or Site managers within the intranet? Depending on which, this will actually be a separate report you run in Salesforce. the workflow is the same, but you'll choose a different report type to run. 

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  • Hi Matthew, I'm looking for a report that includes people managers (not site owners/managers). The active user report in SF gives me everything I need except for that. So I need a report that includes first name, last name, title, department, division, email address, and manager.

    UPDATE: I followed the same path and found the active user profile report - and that's exactly what I needed...thank you!

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