What is a Service Account?

What is a service account?

A Simpplr service account is a user in your Simpplr platform that must maintain moderator permissions. This account receives all Salesforce Admin/App manager permissions and is given an email address to which Simpplr's services and jobs will coordinate. For example, Simpplr's schedulers will be mapped per this service account. 

This allows for system continuity should the admin user(s) ever leave the organization. This service account is not tied to a particular user's email address, but rather an email address your company assigns to Simpplr where multiple folks can access the inbox.

Why is my service account attached to a Simpplr Email?

Great question! We create this user during the implementation process. Once your company has exited implementation you should edit the email address to reflect an email address your company assigns to Simpplr where multiple folks can access the inbox. For example SimpplrIT@company.com. Your IT Admins can ensure the appropriate folks have access to this email inbox. 
Please note: while it is recommended that you take ownership of this account via email - the Username MUST remain the same. This is how we talk to your product. A typical username would be Simpplr.ServiceAccount@company.prod 


What if I need to create a service account?

  1. As a System admin, go to your Salesforce instance and from the Setup menu, type Users into the Quick Find box.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Assign the following attributes to the new user:
    • First Name: Simpplr (or integrations, IT, etc)
    • Last Name: Service Account
    • Email: This can be any email you choose. It should be a shared email address that the IT and Executive teams have access to.
    • Username: serviceaccount@[yourdomain].com OR integrations@[yourdomain].com, etc
    • User License: Salesforce
    • Profile: System Administrator
    • The Alias and Nickname fields will autofill. Leave them as is.
  4. Your finished user account should resemble the image below.
  5. Scroll down and click Save.


If you are setting up an additional service account, or a user that is meant to operate as such with custom permissions - ensure your System Administrator profile in Salesforce has the following Admin System Permissions assigned at the Profile level:
    • Modify All Data 
    • Manage Unlisted Groups
    • API Enabled
    • Moderate Chatter
    • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions 
    • Manage Flow
    • Customize Application
    • Manage Custom Permissions


Now you need to make your service account an App manager within Simpplr. To do so:

  1. From your user profile menu, go to Manage > Manage application > Setup and click the Privileges section.
  2. Scroll down to Application manager and type "Service account" in the box to add your newly created service account as an App manager. Then scroll down and click Save.Dec-16-2021_10-00-29.gif
  3. Log out of Simpplr.
  4. Simpplr will receive an email to the email address (onboard@simpplr.com) that you entered in Salesforce when creating the service account user. Click Verify account in the email, set up a password, and choose an answer to the security question.


If the Support team asks you to manage something on behalf of the service account, you cannot use the Login as feature in Salesforce to complete service account tasks. You must log in directly to the service account without simultaneously being logged in as another user.log_in_as_SFDC.png

Post implementation, how do I update the Simpplr Service Account with New Email and Password

If you ever need to change the service account email and password:

  1. Head back to the user the same way you did in the steps above and change the email address to what you want. DO NOT change the username.
  2. Scroll down tot the bottom and check the box next to Generate new password and notify user immediately. Then click Save.An email will be sent to the address you just added to reset the password.


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