What is a site?

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What is a site?

Site types

End user site experience

How to create new sites


What is a site?

Sites are the containers of content throughout your intranet. They let you collaborate and distribute content to a specific group of people. A site can be related to a department (HR, Marketing, IT, etc), a project, or a common interest.

For instance, if you're working on a team project, you can create a site for your team to share project-related files and information. You can also post discussions to talk about the project using the site’s Feed.mceclip0.png


Site types

There are three types of sites:

Public sites:

Public sites are open to everyone in your org. Anyone can see and add posts, comments, files, create pages, news, and events. If a user creates pages/news/events, the content will need to be approved by Site owners or managers before they appear on the sites.

All elements of public sites appear in global search results including content published, people, and feed posts.

Private sites:

Unlike public sites, elements of private sites are hidden from search results, and cannot be viewed by non-members. Only group members can see and add posts, comments, files and all the site content. People must ask to join or be added by the Site owner/managers (including App managers). Private sites cannot have followers.

Private site names can be seen by everyone on a list of sites, and are visually distinguished from public sites by having a lock icon next to the name. However, only site members will be able to click into a private site to see its content.

Unlisted sites:

Unlisted sites can only be seen by site members and System admin that are given the privilege as an unlisted site administrator. Non-members will not see the site anywhere, including the All site index. Note that once you change an unlisted site to private or public, it can no longer go back to unlisted.

Being a System admin does not grant the privilege to view all unlisted sites out of the box. System admins will need to be added as an Unlisted site administrator in Manage > Application > Privileges or added as a site member, owner, etc.
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End user site experience

When users arrive on a site, they are presented with a landing page. Often this is set as the site Dashboard. When creating a site or within the site setup menu, the landing page can be changed to several view options.

How to create new sites

For instructions on creating sites, check out this article!

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