How do I view my org's available user licenses?

Simpplr will provide you with Salesforce Platform licenses for users who need to use Simpplr only. You do not need to purchase extra Salesforce licenses for these users. To purchase more licenses for your Simpplr environment, contact your CSM or submit a ticket to the Support team.

As of the 23.09 release, Simpplr now has an added tab in the Manage > Application menu called Account. This tab allows App managers to see licensing information for their orgs, including:

  • Licenses available
  • Licenses used
  • Account expiration date

manage account.gifIn addition, you're also able to see which version of the platform you're on (release name) and the version number. This helps you to ensure you're on the latest release, and provides insight for you as well as our Customer Support team if they need to gain access to your environment for any technical issues.  


The license count shown here includes Admin and regular user licenses.

Best practice is to check this tab every so often to keep an eye on the amount of licenses you have used, and how many you have left. You can always add more licenses by contacting your CSM or our Account Manager.

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