CSV User Syncing: How do I update an employee number or email address?


The information in this article applies to users who have been synced via CSV file, and NOT from the syncing source Salesforce or another syncing source. 

Since employee number and email address are both values that can be used as unique identifiers in Simpplr to match users with your user-syncing.csv file, you will need to change the data in Simpplr to match the new data in your CSV file (whichever field you use as unique identifier) in case they change for any reason.

App managers can change these values directly through the Manage > Application menu and the user's Simpplr profile. 

  1. First, to change an employee number, uncheck the box for employee number in Manage > Application > People > User syncing. Then click Save.
  2. Head to a user's profile, then select Edit profile > Employee number, similarly, to change an email address, find the Email address field. Update the value in the field to match the CSV file and click Update.
  3. Head back to Manage > Application > People > User syncing and recheck the Employee number box in Fields to sync. Then click Save.

If your org is not using employee number as a value (i.e., the field is not checked in Manage > Application > People) this field won't appear to End users. Only App mangers will see it.

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