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This article covers setting up apps & links for specific segments. To learn how to add apps to your Apps launcher, and app requirements, click here



Simpplr gives App managers the ability to let segment managers configure the apps and link their segment’s users have access to in the Apps launcher. 

  • Launchpad app & link permissions
  • Configure apps and links for a segment

Launchpad app & link permissions

App managers can choose whether segments’ apps and links are managed by both App managers and segment managers, or just App managers. To do so:

  1. Go to Manage > Application > Segments
  2. Under Manage apps & links, select Individually for each segment or Same for all segments
    • Individually for each segment grants segment managers control over their segment’s apps & links, as well as App managers.
    • Same for all segments grants App managers control over segments’ apps and links. 
  3. You can change your selection at any time by going to Manage > Application > Segments and clicking Change next to Manage apps & links.


Configure apps and links for a segment

App managers and segment managers (if permissions allow) can go to Manage > Apps & links to add or remove launchpad apps for users in a segment. 

App managers can also access Apps & links by going to their user profile menu, then clicking Launch segment bar and choosing Apps & links. Note the Manage apps & links option Individually for each segment must be chosen to see this.


Apps & links

From Apps & links, App managers can:

  • Select a segment.
  • Configure apps for the selected segment’s launchpad. 
  • Configure links for selected segment’s launchpad. 

Segment managers can:

  • Configure apps for their own segment’s launchpad.
  • Configure the links for their own segment’s launchpad. 

If you’d like to integrate apps with the launchpad using custom JSON, an example JSON code block can be viewed by clicking the View Example dropdown.

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