System admin: How do I assign App manager or System admin permissions?


Only System administrators can assign System admin and App management permissions.

To assign users App manager permissions:

  1. From your user profile image, go to Manage > Application. Then from Setup, go to the Privileges section and scroll down to Application manager.
  2. Type the name(s) of the individual(s) you want to assign permissions. Then scroll down and click Save.


You can remove App manager permissions from someone in this same menu. Just click the x next to their name in the field, then scroll down and click Save.

To assign someone System admin permissions:

  1. Navigate to your Salesforce instance (remove everything in the URL endpoint after ".com" and hit the Enter key) and go to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, type Users and click into the Users menu.
  3. Locate the user(s) you want to assign Admin permissions for and click Edit next to their name. Note you can also filter by types of users here.
  4. From here, you'll see their user license on the right side of the screen. Open the dropdown and make their user license Salesforce. Then in the Profile field, open the dropdown and change it to System Administrator. Scroll down and click Save.



If at any time you change a user's license (for example, when adding a new System admin or removing a System admin license form a user), their permission sets in Salesforce will be removed. You will need to reestablish their permission sets after changing the license. To do so:

  1. After changing the license, in the user's profile scroll down and click Edit Assignments in the Permission Set Assignments section.
  2. Move the applicable permission sets to Enabled Permission Sets depending on the user's new permissions within Simpplr. If the user will be a(n):
    • End user: Assign the Simpplr User permission set
    • App manager: Assign the Simpplr User and Simpplr_App_Managers permission sets
    • Unlisted Site manager: Assign the Simpplr User and Simpplr_Unlisted_Site_Managers permission sets
  3. When finished moving permission sets, click Save



If you don't see a Salesforce (Admin) license available, this is because you're out of available licenses. Please contact your add-ons manager or CSM for assistance in obtaining another license.

To learn how to view the number of remaining licenses in your org, click here.
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