App Management: Branded App Distribution

Simpplr's branded mobile App distribution flow allows users to request a download link from their Simpplr app, and App managers to send a download link to their users. 

  • Prerequisites
  • Workflow
  • Download coupon codes for Apple Business Manager for all locations
  • Prepare CSV for upload
  • Enable mobile promotion and distribution


Simpplr provides support for Android devices running OS versions starting from Android 8 and for iOS devices running OS versions from iOS 15 onwards.


  1. Android and iOS branded mobile app
  2. Apple Business Manager account
  3. Android branded app marked as public. Otherwise, you won’t be able to distribute your android app
  4. All the users must have a country name in their profile


If branded app distribution is enabled, users of the same organization won’t be able to log in to the native app and only log in to their branded app.


Branded app distribution uses Apple Business Manager and our Simpplr email and SMS functionality. This process involves: 

  1. Downloading the coupon codes from Apple Business Manager for all the locations.
  2. Uploading these codes to the salesforce database.
  3. Enable the Mobile promotion and distribution feature.This allows app managers to send download links over email or SMS, and users to request download links over email or SMS.
  4. Allowing app managers to generate the reports to see the number of emails and SMS sent.

Download coupon codes from Apple Business Manager for all locations

The first step is having an Apple Business Manager account for every country where users are located. If you do not have an Apple Business Manager account, get one by clicking here.

Once you get accounts on all locations (wherever your users are), login to your Apple Business Manager account and download the coupon codes and links. Below are the steps to download these coupon codes and links:

    1. Log in to your Apple Business Manager
    2. Locate and select the app under Custom apps.
    3. Select the License Type as Redemption Codes.
    4. Enter the number of coupons or links you want to download. It's recommended you download about twice as many coupon codes as you currently need to avoid running out. 
    5. Download the CSV containing the links from Apple Business Manager.


login to Apple Business Manager


Custom apps


Enter number of coupons


download CSVs

Prepare CSV for upload

 To prepare the CSV for upload:

  1. Remove the top 8 rows
  2. Remove the empty column B.
  3. Add 1 column name country and add the country against all the links. This country name will be the same country name for which you have downloaded the coupon codes from ABM and make sure this country name matches the name you have specified in the Simpplr application.
  4. If you are uploading more codes for other countries, append the same codes and links at the bottom with the new countries name.

Make sure codes and links you have downloaded and are uploading belong to the same country. The name should match the name you have added in the Simpplr country field.


The country field must match exactly what's in the user's profile. If the profile says "United States" and the CSV says "USA", the process will fail. 




Upload codes to Salesforce database

The codes are now downloaded and ready to upload to Salesforce. 

  1. Go to Accept the terms and conditions and click on Login with Salesforce.
  2. Open the data tab and select Insert to upload the CSV.
  3. Select From File and choose the CSV file to upload the redemption codes. 
  4. Select the object type Simpplr__Branded_App_Distribution_c from Object Type dropdown and click Next.
  5. Select and map the Salesforce fields against the CSV fields. Code__c maps to Code, Country__c maps to Country, and Link__c maps to URL. Then click Map Fields.
  6. Click on Confirm Insert.


Salesforce Workbench


go to data > Insert


choose CSV to upload


select object type


map fields


file uploaded successfully

Enable mobile promotion and distribution

After downloading and uploading the redemption codes file, you must enable the branded app distribution feature. 

Once the codes have been uploaded, let your Simpplr representative know they need to create a ticket with our Engineering team to get the feature enabled for you. Once enabled, the App manager will start seeing the branded app distribution feature in the manage app section. 

Please note if the branded app is enabled, no user of that org will be able to login to a native (universal) app. By default, the option will be disabled.


Once enabled, the app manager will see an option to Send download links to all users via email or SMS. Users will be also able to get the download link from the footer via email or SMS.


  •  On clicking Send download link, choose whether the link is sent through SMS or email. (Make sure email and SMS are enabled in Manage App). Users who have their email and phone number in Simpplr will receive an email and/or SMS with a link to download the app. If there is a location mismatch or there aren't enough coupon codes, you'll receive an error.


Users will then receive an email or SMS with the app download link. Both android and iOS app download links will be sent if the Android app is marked as public. Otherwise, only the iOS app download link will be sent in email and SMS.


Option to request for download link

Once branded app distribution is enabled, users will see an option in the footer to request the download link.



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